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Founder and Owner of SpArt by Tierra which is based on art and beauty. #haveanartfulday is my motto. Keep a boss mentality!!!

This year's winner is Payton McDaniel!
She is the special nominee of Courtney who says
"She is very quiet, and has quite the imagination for art."
I can't wait to start designing this backpack for her! Remember to always #haveanartful
Tag a friend and you'll get a discount code to use on a purchase from now until October 31 2021 11:00 PM!
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I feel that

My self doubt is really whats stopping me from being great?

People are already closing there businesses in "honor of Juneteenth" wow. I thought they wouldve waited for next year for some reaon lol

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Completely agree! Our darkskin sisters matter! Tell them how beautiful they are. And DONT EVER LET ME HEAR YOU SAY " You are so beautiful...FOR A DARK SKIN GIRL" Ive actually heard these words in person before and it crushed my spirit I can only image how she felt. Stand upu for each other! Also hollywood.... stop replacing dark skin actresses and actors with light skinned ones! It's insulting based on the principle of the matter.......sorry for this long post but it something I feel strong about.

Of course.
Black women are always in the upfront of every battles.
Who is going to defend us? Oh and not only defend black women when it's lightskin.
Darkskin sisters matter too and tend to suffer their battles alone. Watch your sisters.

I never posted this one on here. Please spread the word! This is something I feel strongly about! www.spartbytierra.com Go to the scholarship page. Nominate someone for a FREE BACKPACK! Yes completely free! The deadline is July 1st. Literally anyone you know that needs a backpack, students (college and grade school), businesspersons, anyone who uses a backpack! Simply nominate them or yourself! Thank you! Please share #education #backpack #freebackpack #nominate #designerbackpack #blackowned #school #business #spartbytierra #haveanartfulday

Would anyone be interested in some abstract art for their home, office, or store? Please let me know and spread the word!

Slow grind is better than no grind. Slow growth is better than no growth. Would appreciate it if you checked out my clothing line and spread the word as well. https://www.bonfire.com/st...

Have a good night king and queens! If you see this tell me something good about your day! #positivevibesonly #Royalty #blkem #blackowned
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?How are all you kings and queens out there today? Let me know what's going on in your life good or bad.

Hello Everyone! The first part of my summer swim line has dropped. Stop by www.spartbytierra.com and check it out! More to come soon!!!! www.spartbytierra.com. These are all original designs by me! I wanted them to be cute but simple!
Do you or anyone you know want to have your own shirt designed. Let me know at www.spartbytierra.com.

I hope you have had a successful Sunday! Keep going yall!

Its almost a new week!!! What are you going to do different to add to your success?

We need to put in the same type of energy with each other. If you followed me so that I can follow you only for you to then unfollow me Please note you will be unfollowed. We are doing give and take here.

Great News I am offering handmade wigs and I am hoping to get some more supporters. Please feel free to text me to order at 9799871186.

? $40 per wig: includes shipping, does not include hair
? $30 per wig: does not include hair, for pickup in sealy, tx
? $70/$50 purchase of two wigs at same time
? You have the option of having your hair shipped to me or me purchasing it for you. If I purchase, payment must be made beforehand and you will be sent copies of purchase receipt and tracking information if applicable to ensure you are not overcharged.
? All payments will must be made befo

Hey guys! Tonight is a VIRTUAL party! Wear some type of denim and you can be entered into a contest. This is a fin COVID safe party thats free for everyone to enjoy! Feel free to share! Help support small business at the same time!