I guess we gon have to incorporate a #BlkemBae dating section. We have a few unique ideas as well.

I was thinking about downloading a dating app but I also feel like there are too many creeps on there, so I’ll just wait for @Blkem to incorporate his version on here 😂😂

In response Aight So Boom to his Publication

😭if you troll me during the next draft, I will fight fire with fire. You might be safe over there in #BlkemBae couple land, but I will find a way to troll you back! trust!

@jupitersflame is giving the cheat codes to her heart you guys!!! playbook is right here for the taking! 😯#blkembaedraft

In response Drae Drae to his Publication

online one can just dm me and be direct. "I've seen you on here and I find you interesting/funny/pretty and I wanted to talk to you myself". in person the same but just to my face. and know how to lead a conversation.

I’m throwing my name into the BlkemBaeDraft. Hell we all living once right and I’m single so shoot your shot ladies lol #BlkemBaeDraft

lol I actually have no idea outside of the 3 #BlkemBae couples of who’s with who, who’s feeling who. Like I might have an idea, but I’m big on keeping it to myself, maintaining respectful boundaries until the contestants publicly state it.

In response Saphira Musé to her Publication

ask @maxerinjames or @askalicia if you unsure they keep tabs on everyone

Either someone shoots their shot, or someone announces they’re looking 😁#blkembaedraft

In response Alicia Brayboy to her Publication

who gets to do the drafting?😊

🥰🥰 @Scrappy and @DreCalvin make #BlkemBae look so good! got me wanting to participate in the next one!

It’s how I find my bae 🤩

😭😭😭😭🤣 I forgot I said that 😅😅 lol it’s voluntary. people scout & flirt and look for who they’re interested in. Then during the #BlkemBaeDraft they shoot their shot in the hopes of finding a #BlkemBae !

In response Alicia Brayboy to her Publication

So, explain what this #BlkemBaeDraft is to me. "If you're single, we WILL find you..." got me shook.

👀oh Drae said he’s READY ready! #BlkemBaeDraft might have to be in the works sooner than we thought! @DraeNation

Who else would be interested in being a #BlkemBae contestant? 👀

In response Alicia Brayboy to her Publication

😭😭😭😭🤣 I read it this way at first too lmaooooo @deon I think his future #BlkemBae will understand

In response Drae Drae to his Publication

The end of that comes across so funny because it's directed at me, but I hope she sees this.

You wouldn’t be sayin this if you had witnessed the BlkemBaeDraft chaos.

lmao beware😭❗️

i had a dream…. MY WIFE IS ON BLKEM

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