Welcome to Blkem, The Black Social Platform for Black Empowerment✊🏿.

Black people are unique and special individuals. Black people are known for their strength and realness. It is a good development that technology has brought to us. Now, you can have some level of safety and feeling of belonging when you are virtually in the midst of your own. Where you don’t have to look over your shoulder, before sharing your opinion or story. A place where you are treated with love and respect. That’s what Black Empowerment is, to the Black community. The Black Social Media which is also known as Blkem is a platform created to empower the Black community and bring us together in harmony. As humans, we are wired to constantly seek solace with people we share the same beliefs. Blkem is a platform born out of the passion to celebrate the uniqueness of the Black community. This a community where individuals and groups can discuss relevant information about our culture, ranging from politics, entertainment, religion, beliefs, etc. in love and harmony. Blkem isn’t bound by the restriction of Other Than Black (OTB) platforms.

This isn’t your regular platform, Blkem is home for the black community. A home where love is shared, support is given and harmony is our language on the platform. This is a platform to raise the voice of the black community, and make it loud enough to be heard. Blkem is the new abode where we support only what’s right and rightfully kick against what’s wrong. We do not accommodate discrimination. This is a platform where every Black person in the community matters.

Blkem is more than a virtual community, it is where Black people can promote their unique legacy. Blkem is for the individual in the Black community that are 18 years and above, that is of the black culture or affiliate locally and worldwide. For the purpose of this platform, which is empowerment for the Black community, individuals can build and circulate the dollars within.

Black kings and Black Queens are allowed to post images, videos, gifs, and contents that resonate with the purpose of the platform. Just like other similar platforms, users can share, like, comment, follow, send DMs, etc. Blkem is where the Black community get updates on what’s happening in the community. Black people have access to this platform from anywhere in the world without any restriction to make use of the features on the platform. Users can share their experience, success stories, educational opportunities, job opportunities, fellowship, contests, or any form of program that will help other users on the platform.

On Blkem, every user has the right to share their opinions and views without attacking other users on the platform. Blkem is made for the Black community to connect and help each other in any way possible. It’s a place to showcase your business, company, or any kind of hustle you run. No Black Individual deserves to suffer unnecessarily when there’s a whole lot of other people in the community that can help. Black People are known for their relentless and supportive spirit. Get support from where you belong. As the black communities, we are ONE.

Blkem is a powerful medium through which things that elevate the black community and empower us are shared. We are Black. We are Real. We are Powerful and overall, We are a Big Family.