Welcome to The Blkem Social Network Ecosystem ✊🏿.

Our Ecosystemic approach is one that undeniably was never established by ANY Black Owned Social Network, when we are talking about the online digital base.

We’re the FIRST of its kind, to not only implement a social network that shields Black individuals from trolls, online hate, discrimination, racism, shadow banning, content disruption, pay inequality, etc...but to push the actionability aspect of a network, when it comes to ACTUAL community development and improvements. Yes..we are a tangible-focused network.

Blkem strives to institute a self-sustaining (Land, essentials, buildings, businesses, medicine etc) approach within the Black community, while focusing on our basic needs.

This alone cannot be done solely by us, as it will take community involvement.

Old habits of Black Empowerment are still useful, but being dynamically sound is better than a static repeat.

Don’t get us wrong. Blkem still allows you to be yourself, as you were on other social networks, as Black Empowerment is not limited to a humorless approach.

Let’s focus, Let’s resolve, and, Let’s build