You have no need to explain your love for Christ to anyone. Just keep on praising, keep on moving and watch God keep on blessing you! #Goodmorning

Whether you are in your bedroom, in the kitchen, the church, or the grocery store, Hallelujah is the HIGHEST praise everywhere! #Goodmorning

He may not come when you want Him, but He will be there right on time! He’s an On-Time God, Yes He Is!

Not every opportunity that is presented is for you and not every smile means you good, do not be decieved by outward appearances, look beneath! #Goodmorning

God WILL give you the strength and all that you need to keep going! I'm a witness! #Goodmorning

Your individuality makes room for your gift(s).
Your gifts will make room for themselves.
It will open doors that no man can close!!

God is blessing you, so what right does your fellow man have to try to discourage or dismantle the gifts that were given to you?Don’t let anyone discourage your purpose! #Goodmorning

What is everyone's take on ppl wearing revealing swimwear to family waterparks? I honestly think if it were a problem, there would be a dress code. Kids just wanna have fun, they aren't worried about big booty judy in a thong ? #opinions #mindyourbusiness #Goodmorning #thoughts #blkem

Whether you are a male or female, we all get tired and worn out in different ways. Thank God the Lord is ALWAYS fighting on your behalf!

God NEVER gets tired of hearing from you! He sacrificed His only Son for a chance to spend EVERY DAY with you! #Goodmorning

Me: Lord I’m struggling with this & I’m tired of going through it.

God: Don’t worry, I have the solution you need in place waiting on you?

Not everyone needs to know your business, choose wisely who you give information to! #Goodmorning

If you see someone who needs help and you have the means to do it, don't pray for someone else to come, GOD POSITIONED YOU TO DO IT! #Goodmorning

If you believe and trust in the Lord, trust that He is working on YOU! You'll never be the same! #Goodmorning

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