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What do you think is unique about Black motherhood and the rearing of our children?

What does any one think must be taught before our sons and daughters reach 5?

What do you think we must know and understand before we procreate?

"The first one to the mind is the winner" - Dr. Kambou Kambon

Is it time to cancel rap/hip-hop? The glorification of negative influencers have sent our people to the lowest point ever. What can we do to put more light on the positive individuals within our culture?

Reposted from@newera_dmv This one is for the Queens 💅🏾 Tap in ladies of DMV! Let’s get together to uplift each other & enjoy some good company 💕


& on top of that mfs is wearing the same exact masks every single day, so covid just chillin on they shit. Then they take that mask off with their hands, place it in they bag,& now covid chillin in they bag and on their hands. THEN they take that SAME mask out AGAIN & put it back on they face...AGAIN. lmao c'mon man🤦🏾‍♀️ this paranoia has gotten so out of control that we not even using our brains smdh

These masks are so dumb. Lol ppl really think they doing something by telling u to put on your mask🥴.Mfs can smell the whole outside world through they mask, but somehow think this invisible virus cant seep through they thin ass facial cloth 😭. If my good sis corona wanted you, she'd mf get you. Mask on mask off. Fiytb?🤦🏾‍♀️

Dark Matter ... what the universe is made of... carbon... which is a prime part of melanin and makes up the universe of sun, moon and star aka the black man, woman and child...

This image show worship of Amen Ra, an ancient Egyptian diety.#ADOS are not Egyptians, we are#ISRAELITES!

#GrandRising Tribe & Family 💫 now idk who may needs to hear this but KEEP IT GOING💫Divine Timing#Asé

Any tech companies within the community we should know about? Send them our way.

REPARATIONS NOW! This Argument CANNOT be Refuted!!! - YouTube

Jesse discusses the matter of ..

Uplink 39: Redesigning the Matrix with Maral Pourkazemi and Addie Wagenknecht


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