ive been up for over 24 hours straight at this point, fueled on liqour, new baby smell and running away from my intrusive thoughts while being surrounded by family

It would be really nice to scroll your own profile and read old blurts.

In response Malikah Lese to her Publication

Listen, I randomly get in my feelings about Alan Rickman. He’s legit one of my favorite actors of all time.

you cannot repeatedly disappoint someone & expect their energy to still crave you .

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Typically that’s my default. However, I while she’s the manager, I prefer she run it by me, then just send it out. Because she doesn’t know the job well enough and she’ll screw something up and I’ll have to do damage control later.

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This Lucky Prelude......I hate when niggas do this. Cause that 52 second muhfucka is absolutely ridiculous but he just left it there. I'm enjoying this album a lot tho. But I need something to get done with that Prelude sample

" Remove all of the distractions, and here, in the silence and solitude, the demons they have kept at bay catch up with them. "

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