We're not here to damper the day of thanksgiving but to show the history behind such a day shadowed with happiness.

Many of our ancestors were not free when colonist were busy celebrating and giving thanks. What were they giving thanks for? Thankful they were able to eat while Native African Americans suffered? Thankful their families were able to eat while our ancestors were separated?

Eitherway, the day is to be celebrated how you want. Not what America pushed on us.

#blkemstrong #blkem #blacklivesmatter

In response Tracey Hood to his Publication

Good morning Tracey! It is a pleasure to
meet and network with you. Thank you for
responding to my post. I am a licensed
mental health counselor in Florida and a
personal credit consultant. I will go ahead and message you privately in a chat on blkem. You can feel free to contact me your preferred methods.

Here's my contact information:
Darnella Hankins
(561) 870-1503 (text or call)

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Good afternoon Blkem!! New upload! This is the second version to "Twin Flames'! An evolved Shawn Carter type of beat! Check it out!

Twin Flames by AKA NatWay Instru..

This is a beat I constructed from scratch. It is an evolved Shawn Carter type beat. Enjoy!...



Sometimes, believing in the little things matter.

Everything has a beginning and eventually it will grow or expand into what we expect, later down the line.

We expect Blkem to make strides in the online environment and the African American community, tapping into the necessities to become self-sustaining.

We're just a fraction of what others are accomplishing, so believing in their vision and ours, is a necessary step for making positive and beneficial changes.

#blkemstrong #blkem

What we fail to realize is that other cultures and communities are practicing these techniques WITHOUT inclusion. 

They have perfected it but still, without inclusion.  

We have laid out examples in a few of our previous post.  

They've been practicing GROUP economics, working with their own, hiring ONLY their own (certain communities) and for the most part, spending between their own. 

It's not a crime to learn from others and take that knowledge back to build your own communities. 

#blkem #blacklove

We need more active users on Blkem. We need to starting communicating with each other on Black Owned Networks as well. A simple "How is everyone?", "What are you doing this weekend?" etc..goes a long way.

We are constantly working on making this Network better and adding new features that's necessary for us to communicate.

We're not on the FB/IG or Twitter level yet but with spreading the word and getting like-minded individuals to sign up, we will get there.

Social media is only popular, based on users and usage.

The mobile

I have just discovered the Google Digital Garage through www.blackpoundday.UK
Check out the video below of a young lady that turned her passion into a business with the help of the Google Digital Garage. The best part it's all FREE! Say less and don't sleep on this opportunity family.

#blackpoundday #pivotpoint #B1 #blackowned #strivers #buildsomething #moneymoves #GoogleDigitalGarage
#blkem.com/@BeedeFoundation #LEAAF #KingdomMoves


LoveWeddingsNG: become a full-fl..

Inspired by her love of weddings, Seyi Ayinla created a website to give Nigerian couples in the UK and Nigeria the inspiration they need to plan the perfect ...

In response Alberta Eleazer to his Publication

Welcome!! Thanks for joining the Blkem family!

It's time to face the reality that racial injustice and unequal treatment against the Black Community is a REPEAT in history, from centuries ago.  

It continues because we have YET to breach that cycle.  

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us, but fool us consistently, across every avenue, over many decades and generations....well.. 

In the face of centuries long adversities, there's no reason why we can't change the outcome. 

#blkem #blacklivesmatter

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The Blkem Initiative - Blackity ..

Capital Redirection! We are calling on Black businesses who are providing sales, deals and discounts on Black Friday, Nov 27th. We are offering FREE promo on...


"As people of African descent begin our ascent to our original position of power and prosperity in our world, we must remember the role of the black woman can never be objectified or subjectified. Mother Africa and her children will rise from her impoverished state and thrive again, when the black woman is HONORED and REVERED."

Check out my latest blog! https://alicianunn.com/blog/envy-how-it-destoyed-black-people-and-how-to-heal
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Every black person needs to read my latest blog. Our identity and power has been hidden from us for over 3,000 years for this ONE REASON. Check out my latest blog! https://alicianunn.com/blog/envy-how-it-destoyed-black-people-and-how-to-heal


#blkem #blacklivesmatter #blackowned #buyblack #african #africanhistory

Black women are Goddesses not sex objects! I'm a warrior and my words are my sword, slicing off the head of injustice. Check out my latest blog! https://alicianunn.com/blog/envy-how-it-destoyed-black-people-and-how-to-heal
#blkem #blacklivesmatter #blackowned #buyblack #african #africanhistory

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