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Rodney Reese was a lucky young adult that day.

The day these race soldiers decided to harass him going home. He did not want to be bothered, yet they persisted, escalating the situation.

They pretended to offer assistance and as we always know the outcome of such encounters, it never honestly goes the right way.

We have always stated and will continue to do so, these issues will continue to arise if we are just tackling the branches and not the ROOTS.

You uproot the tree, the branches wither away, eventually. But in order to do this, the necessary tools are needed!


Professor Black Truth on the Texas fiasco. One of the prominent voices of the New Black Media.


Texas' Freeze Exposes White Supremacy's Cold Cruelty - YouTube

Texas is freezing. It's mayors..

The Black community have been constantly dealing with the enemies outside and the ones within. They can easily switch up depending on what games massa is playing.

The ones within are more damaging and at many times, effective in causing some hiccup.

We have to continue to filter and expose them as if more people know, the more we can do to somewhat prevent it. For the Black community cannot acquire asset like these as they tend to be brainwashed and leave the community exposed.

This is white supremacy's greatest asset, the sambo chameleon.


while i live in houston, i'm a blessed texan that has a normal working house during the snow so i can focus on other things like blkem!

ya'll, i've done 100 posts on this platform.

CELEBRATE! THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN RETURNS AND THE WORLD COMES CIRCLE. Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala becomes the first woman and African to head World Trade Organization!!! Click link in bio to learn why this is so important!

We're standing up! We're solidifying that foundation! We're loving ourselves more! We're Black first! OR Nothing!

We can feel it in our bones!


"Stand Up" - Official Lyric Video - Performed by Cynthia Erivo - YouTube

From the motion picture HARRIE..

Replied to Wid-leen Jean's Post

You're not talking to yourself. More engagement is needed on this platform and that's whats lacking. Many are waiting for the mobile app, some are communicating and others are just lurkers. Since many of the content are not entertainment and gossip, it gets less attention. It's the reality we live in. It takes time to grow as well. We have over 10,000 users on Blkem. We just need people to start communicating with each other. So keep doing what you're doing! There's always someone watching. We appreciate you!

Where is everyone? Why are you all so quiet. This here is Black excellence. We should be seeing more activity! A stated above, we should be utilizing Blkem as we would clubhouse.


my ass just remembered to switch to nighttime mode on here.
👩🏽‍💻💅🏽✨ now blkem is BLACK (how 👁 likes).. hey my B3AUTIFUL BLK GODS/GODDESSES🌞✨🦚

Going against everything that's anti-black, even your own. That's what being pro-black represents. In this case, Chenge was our own but he showed his face as being an ignorant spokesperson for white supremacy.

So now, he falls into that category of the lost cause. He falls into the category of politicians focusing on their own agenda and not ones that can assist in elevating the Black community.

Make no mistake that these antics are organized. They're organized to bring a rise out of us. Best believe they didn't get a rise though, because we were expecting it.


Look at the COONS that be speaking for the Black community. Their individual and political validations are invalid and we need not fall for their games. This is something that they want us to gain emotions about. Don't be distracted!!


If this is the case, then we need to opt out of America's white-washed history. I'm just saying.

American histroy is Black history!!


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