Hey Blkem Fam! what we up to? it has been a sad week so far with the murders of our people. What say ye? I am heartbroken myself. Innocent lives of my people were taken by a young evil WS. I just am still in shock. ...

May they rest in complete peace and power. Di yall know the security guard that was murdered by that yt boi was working on his invention of a water-powered car? Just a big loss...

In response Site Admin to his Publication

we are going to use, preferably a Black Owned site. Any suggestions, let us know or we will use Twitter Spaces until Blkem has this capability.

This is your chance to get to know what Blkem is about and where our mindset is truly at…

#blkem #B1

Information Session:

One of our Blkem users brought up a great point in a one-to-one chat.

We plan of having an informative information session about who we are, where we are at and where we see the platform going, soon.

Not sure which platform…
#blkem #B1

Mobile App update:

iOS for BLKEM update has been approved in the App Store.

Please update your app to the latest version

Thank you

#blkem #B1 #IOS #joinblkem

Mobile App update:

Android version 1.0.8 is live in the Play Store. Please update your app.

iOS version 1.0.13 is pending review - Will inform once accepted

Changes to these versions:

1. You can now edit your Profile Settings on Mobile App. Some settings functions that are on the website are temporarily hidden on mobile app for now.

2. Bug and UI fixes.

Thank you

#blkem #B1 #joinblkem #blkemupdates

What y’all think about this Walmart special?

Are y’all buying or no?
#blkem #B1 #joinblkem

Man…we want to thank you all for your continued usage and words of encouragement and motivation we have been seeing.

We have also been seeing users sharing and spreading the word about this platform.

People are the driving force behind progression…
#joinblkem #blkem #B1

In response Mecca Bahabib to her Publication

WOW !!! y’all we have to promote BLKEM like never before in our worlds. We need a family meeting.

Shoutout to_mrdavison on IG. many of us still on them other apps but at least we're still talking that shit 💪🏾 Im gonna post about BLKEM everywhere I go, we need to get this app bigger

@Blkem why all the prominent Black pages on ig still dont know about yall? ion like that...

So when I came across this tweet from Chance The Rapper, I instantly thought of Blkem b/c isn’t conversations like this one of the main reasons Blkem was created?? I can’t think of a better platform for the Black diaspora to discuss this on.

If you believe in progressive development for an entity that's "FOR" the Black Community, no matter what phase it is in, then you believe that the lack of support is a disservice to that entity.

Nothing can bring change for us, EXCEPT us.

#blkem #B1 #joinblkem

Happy #selfcaresaturday Ashira Tribe. You ARE the power. Own it!
In 711 AD an Islamic Moor named Umma Hakim fought alongside the great warrior Tariq Bin Ziyad (the battle scene is in Ashira's World: The Queen of Heaven Returns) to bring peace, love and unity to Spain, torn apart by the brutal tyranny of the Conquistadors.

How do we end war in nations, gangs, and families? Lay down our weapons. We can and will have peace if each of us takes these steps. It will spread from heart to heart.
#Africa #africandiaspora #blackowned #BlackOwnedBusiness #blackgirlmagic #blkem #Moors

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