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Happy funding!
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As you all may have already known, Jackson, Mississippi is currently facing a water crisis, whether it's deliberate or unintentional. The majority of the folks down there look like us...they are us.

Time after time, our community is faced with these challenges and in this day and age, we should be able to assist.

One way is by donating to a Black Owned Water Company who is actually out there delivering cases and cases of water!!


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How are we? With all this craziness going on, how are we maintaining peace? How are we managing how we are feeling and reacting?

I will my blkem family peace, love and protection.

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"You can't help the people, if you don't love the people"

- MLK Jr.

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When it comes to effective community building, in order to differentiate yourself from the rest, you have to do less talking, more work, and become INNOVATIVE.

We see many Black folks on Twitter, just talking their life away (talking points that have been in discussion decades ago), while W.S. is taking more action, against our community.

We're different!!!

A sneak peak of what we have coming, will be displayed soon. This is the start of the Blkem eco-system.

Collaboration over Competition

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Want to take a deeper dive into directing for TV? Join the Black TV & Film Collective for The Download featuring married directors Deondray & Quincy LeNear Gossfield (“The Chi,” “Flames”)!

Wed. August 10th at 7:30 PM ET sit at the virtual table with us!


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More information to follow in the coming weeks!

Thank you for your continued support
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Previously, we mentioned a little bit about the Blkem Eco-System

The first step to creating such system relies heavily on the “Safety and Security” aspect.

We have the boots on the ground section, and the app feature is 80% complete.

Working on logistics…

Mobile app update:

If you haven’t already, please update your iOS app.

See what we have updated in the App Store

Thank you all for your patience
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Mobile app update:

Android app is live in the Play Store.

See the what's new section on Play Store to see what's been updated

iOS to be uploaded to App Store soon!

Thank you all for your patience
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Good morning, afternoon, evening and night…we will be pushing out another Blkem update this week.

Made some improvements and additions to the app, we hope you will like

Please be sure to update your app to the latest version

Thank you!
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Being comfortable is beautiful, but nothing grows there, when we factor in Black Empowerment
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In response Site Admin to his Publication

as we are moving working in the background, to bring this idea to life.

We're almost complete with the first step of this ecosystem and we can't wait to share it will you all "VERY" soon.

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