In response Niece S. to her Publication

If there’s a Blkem meet up I feel like bowling has to be in the itinerary @askalicia

@Blkem My notifications aren’t workin Unc. I need you to blow on the back of the monitor or something 😂

New Era Detroit invited me to speak in their zoom meeting a few hours ago, to explain Safe Zone Mobile (SZM) to New Era Nation Chapters and what they should be expecting soon.

They were very excited about this collaboration as we are, as this service would be very beneficial for our community.

*Beta testing to come soon...Pilot launch in Detroit later

#blkem #safezonemobile #neweranation

Please send us email or DMs when you see an issue..we would like to rectify those issues before we roll out Blkem blocks. Thanks

I have faith that the glitches and problems with the app will be resolved.
I’m here for the long run, but the app definitely keeps crashing out on me.
No matter what, i’ma stick beside ya. 🔒🤙🏾

Grand Rising everyone. I'm back. Again. I've been so busy, it's crazy. Y'all wanna see what I've been working on? https://bombmagazineoffici... #BombMagazine #KhariX #UrbanCulture #blkem #BombTV

I've been trying to get back in to my account, but it didn't let me. I thought y'all's uncle put me in blkem jail for saying he cheated in the scavenger hunt game 😭😭

These are some of the issues we face when we try to provide something for our community. If you check them out, you’ll see the additional issues they are facing. The time and energy it took for us to build, just for it to crash….

We continue to see this story showing up and it's painful every single time. We hope that it gets sooooo much attention, that the entire location is turnt up...

This is why we can't continue to beg these folks to change their ways because, they're ON CODE, no matter where they are.

We need to be ON CODE about building and protecting each other!!

We need BLACK FARMERS in our communities!!!



The mobile app should be back to normal now.

Thank you

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