I am posting holiday shopping sales on my blog. If you are a #blackowned business having a day after Thanksgiving Sale or Cyber Monday sale please leave your info at the link below. Space is limited. #buyblack

Sorry I haven't been active. Covid, concussion, growing my business, and having to turn more wrenches lately because employees can't come to work. Crazy times. How's everyone? #blackowned

I have just discovered the Google Digital Garage through www.blackpoundday.UK
Check out the video below of a young lady that turned her passion into a business with the help of the Google Digital Garage. The best part it's all FREE! Say less and don't sleep on this opportunity family.

#blackpoundday #pivotpoint #B1 #blackowned #strivers #buildsomething #moneymoves #GoogleDigitalGarage
#blkem.com/@BeedeFoundation #LEAAF #KingdomMoves


LoveWeddingsNG: become a full-fl..

Inspired by her love of weddings, Seyi Ayinla created a website to give Nigerian couples in the UK and Nigeria the inspiration they need to plan the perfect ...


"As people of African descent begin our ascent to our original position of power and prosperity in our world, we must remember the role of the black woman can never be objectified or subjectified. Mother Africa and her children will rise from her impoverished state and thrive again, when the black woman is HONORED and REVERED."

Check out my latest blog! https://alicianunn.com/blog/envy-how-it-destoyed-black-people-and-how-to-heal
#blkem #blacklivesmatter #blackowned #buyblack #african #africanhistory

Every black person needs to read my latest blog. Our identity and power has been hidden from us for over 3,000 years for this ONE REASON. Check out my latest blog! https://alicianunn.com/blog/envy-how-it-destoyed-black-people-and-how-to-heal


#blkem #blacklivesmatter #blackowned #buyblack #african #africanhistory

Black women are Goddesses not sex objects! I'm a warrior and my words are my sword, slicing off the head of injustice. Check out my latest blog! https://alicianunn.com/blog/envy-how-it-destoyed-black-people-and-how-to-heal
#blkem #blacklivesmatter #blackowned #buyblack #african #africanhistory

Have u checked out my #comedy series yet #whatcouldgowrong ?

No, well here u go!!


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What Could Go Wrong (episodes he..

Here's where the funny happens! http://bit.ly/WCGWvids 1 https://vimeo.com/465011529 2 https://vimeo.com/465015447 3 https://vimeo.com/465015512 4 https://..

Cancel Ice Cube- Never | Talkin ..

With the light being shed on the state of Black America, The ignorant rear their heads again to...


It's about that time.  
We launched the #socialmediashutdown on September 15. We hoped that many of you had participated in facilitating BLACK SOCIAL PLATFORMS and are still doing so. Do not FALTER!  
Now..here's where America really profits from us. On Black Friday. We have the spending power but we need to direct that power.   
We hope to get more participation on this!  
Stay tuned...more details to come.

#blackityblackfriday #blkem #blackowned

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