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We all know racism exists in all shapes and forms across all continents. Daily racial trauma are non-stop for Black Individuals online.  

We also know that the system of white supremacy can inflict ZERO tolerance on drugs, taxes, copyright infringements, defaulting on your credit, doing anything for the Black community and so forth, but not for elements that DO matter. So why is it difficult for the system to enforce zero tolerance for racism?  

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This is indeed true..many do claim to want to support but continue not to. Either it's not popular or it's lacking elements that non-black individuals have. We have to break this habit if we are to expect some real wins.

We have to push that "want" to find Black Owned products and/or services to utilize and even if they don't have it, why not establish it, individually or as a whole.

Let's break this mindset where we can atleast GROW and stabilize our foundation.


We talk about supporting black owned businesses, but most of us do not. We need to learn consumerism. The same way you go to Walmart everyday is the same way you need to be supporting a black owned business. We know when you go into stores your mind doesn't say "look for black owned products", however we must subconciously start to readjust to make a difference. We all play games, but most of us will go into Walmart and buy Uno or traditional playing cards; Why not grab 'Verified' and support black own. https://www.verifiedthegame.com

Joining the Public Figure - Instagram life!
Expect pictures ... A lot of pictures:

-#food gallores 🍍🍣🦐

-#blackowned clothes and accessories, dressed on "MOI" βœ‚οΈπŸ‘—πŸ§₯

-#Places for baecation πŸŽ πŸ‘‘πŸ§˜πŸΎ

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anyone have any advice on how to promote my phone case brand? i'm really bad at marketing. always have been haha.#advice#blackowned

Anyone purchased verified the game yet?


Time to play 'Verified'. Here we go....What two artist did the first Verzuz battle on IG? Grab your game here www.verifiedthegame.com#cardgames#gamenights#blackowned#fun#party

Time to play 'Verified'. Here we go....What two artist did the first Verzuz battle on IG? Grab your game here www.verifiedthegame.com#cardgames#gamenights#blackowned#fun#party

Watch the whole video and check out their socials and you'll discover that#vitaelondon are really helping to create the change we want to see more of in the world.

"Vitae London’s goal is to combine classic and beautiful design with social justice. Their stylish watches don’t break the bank, but each one sold makes a huge difference to children in Africa whose limited access to school uniform and other basic equipment is an obstacle to enriching their experience in education."

Brand story:

This is truly sad. This is one of the prime examples of how the Black Economic structure was dismantled.

The system had power to change our livelihoods and we couldn't do anything to prevent it. The family was left desolated and generational wealth was non-existent.


3-28-2021 The War on Generational Black Wealth - YouTube

We discuss how America has undermined Black wealth to stop generational prosperity. TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our CashApp: $TheB...

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