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We decided that helping our community requires us to look into different avenues of expansion, hence our first NFT. Proceeds will go back into community and platform development.

Sharing is caring..does not take much to share!

Thank you

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Searching for funding drains your time and energy. We've done the research for you.

1. Click link in bio.

2. Click 'Products'.

3. Click 'Grant & Resource List'.

4. Purchase and download list.

5. Click link sto apply.

Happy funding!
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We have created a Black Wall Street Dog Tag based on Durham, NC's history.
Black Wall Street.
Hundreds of Black-run business communities existed in America in the early 1900s, Hayti stood out as the world’s largest center for Black business in Durham, NC.

Bull City

Durham was nicknamed the “Bull City” in the late 1800s when the Blackwell Tobacco Company named its product “Bull” Durham Tobacco.

Reversible handmade silver dog tag designed by LenaGrace Designs.

Regardless of all the media negativity about Blacks in America and the persecution we face, the Black population has made gains and advancements in many areas and are adapting well to changing social trends.

Some exciting news to cousin has a movie on Tubi!!!
Please supportshirellethewriter (on IG) and check out How to be Your Husband's Mistress.


As you all may have already known, Jackson, Mississippi is currently facing a water crisis, whether it's deliberate or unintentional. The majority of the folks down there look like us...they are us.

Time after time, our community is faced with these challenges and in this day and age, we should be able to assist.

One way is by donating to a Black Owned Water Company who is actually out there delivering cases and cases of water!!


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Good morning, good people!

Alright, y'all...peep this:

I have a shot at qualifying for a perk IF y'all grab a ticket through my link TODAY (9/1)!

In addition to learning about a flexible business model, sharing with your circle can help a sister out so she can get hooked up!!!!


How mind-blowing is it that US as a people of a difficult past will let something as simple as a different Opinion separate us from our family and peers. Businesses don't crumble at a board meeting when they don't agree. Arguments should be a solution finding tool. That's It

When it comes to effective community building, in order to differentiate yourself from the rest, you have to do less talking, more work, and become INNOVATIVE.

We see many Black folks on Twitter, just talking their life away (talking points that have been in discussion decades ago), while W.S. is taking more action, against our community.

We're different!!!

A sneak peak of what we have coming, will be displayed soon. This is the start of the Blkem eco-system.

Collaboration over Competition

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Previously, we mentioned a little bit about the Blkem Eco-System

The first step to creating such system relies heavily on the “Safety and Security” aspect.

We have the boots on the ground section, and the app feature is 80% complete.

Working on logistics…

Mobile app update:

If you haven’t already, please update your iOS app.

See what we have updated in the App Store

Thank you all for your patience
#blkem #blkemupdate #blkemecosystem

Mobile app update:

Android app is live in the Play Store.

See the what's new section on Play Store to see what's been updated

iOS to be uploaded to App Store soon!

Thank you all for your patience
#blkem #blkemupdate

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night…we will be pushing out another Blkem update this week.

Made some improvements and additions to the app, we hope you will like

Please be sure to update your app to the latest version

Thank you!
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Greetings, good people!

Ashlee ofasquaredonline has invited ME to join her on a LinkedIn Live! We'll be talking about VAs and the virtual assistance industry...and if you know me...I can TALK about it!

We'd love the support and please feel free to share with VAs, people who wanna be VAs, people who have VAs, and people who are looking for VAs.

Please register at the link below.

Please take a moment to support #amateurboxing in #Arkansas . The photo shows how to use #amazon to make a donation to a charity whenever you make a purchase.

Being comfortable is beautiful, but nothing grows there, when we factor in Black Empowerment
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We hope everyone is doing well and we thank those who continue to make the effort, to engage on the timeline, knowing that we are still building the foundation to where Blkem will "evolve" from

Even with low activity on the timeline, Blkem is on the way to "differentiate" from the rest, which will put more eyes on us. Something, that has NEVER been done before, even amongst the other Black Owned Networks out there.

Blkem's model will be shifting to an Ecosystemic approach, moving forward.

The idea is still in its primitive stage...

#blkem #blkemecosystem

This is good. We also working on a content creator section of the mobile app.

If there are any Black #Artists #writers #Creators etc. Jump on Skype if you're free. We have a Black Creators discussion biweekly at 11am central on Wednesdays

Only #blackowned hair care products for my daughter. I'm not putting #blackdollars into #Asian hands that way. Asians corner the market on #blackhair yet they don't have Black hair. It would be like me cornering the market on Sun tan lotion, which I never use. #CaraB

When we launched this “identity” feature on Blkem in 2020, we received a lot of backlash from Black folks….

“We’re doing too much”, “Why we have to do all that”, “Too much work” etc..all the excuses

You think they’re going to make the same excuses with IG?

Mobile app update:

We will be pushing out another update for the mobile app, both iOS and Android, later this week or next week.

Some changes and updates:

1. Video player visual and functional revamp
2. Profile page make over
3. Timeline Post menu, messages, profile and notifications menu update
4. Hashtags and @ name inline with text
5. Image distortions in link and video fetch
6. Update photo capture screen
7. Link fetch in new post screen update
8. Link fetch in messages
9. More improvements

Thank you!!

#blkemupdates #blkem

Happy Father's Day to all the Black dad's on here and out there in the world surviving, thriving and loving their families in a world that wants to see them vanished or defeated.

You matter. Today is YOUR day.

I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could go and donate to help fund my record label. I have big plans for True Soundz Entertainment but I need help getting things off the ground. Please share this everywhere you can, it would help out a lot. Thanks so much.

Soon to be World's Richest Following Major Gold Find Uganda President has Questions for the West

Soon to be World's Richest Following Major Gold Find Uganda President has Questions for the West #africaspeeches Thank you for watching!Have you liked this v...

#MalcolmX said that all Black people should be trained in #Karate and #Judo to defend ourselves. What measures do you take to defend yourselves and your people. This is not a challenge, I'm just curious what skill sets we have here. For me #boxing and #BrazilianJujitsu #BJJ