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Married • Veteran • Entrepreneur • Self-taught Web Developer • Philanthropist • Activist • World Traveler • BS Honors Degree in CJ

We decided that helping our community requires us to look into different avenues of expansion, hence our first NFT. Proceeds will go back into community and platform development.


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Must be real hard to be on other social media apps rn. All that negativity… imma go read bout plants, y’all be safe. 💕✨

De'Aachis!!!! Let's go!!

Why wear phony ass, Black-hatin' ass Gucci when you can rock some De'Aachis? Sounds nice just saying it. Go ahead, say it. DE'AACHI. Black-owned and beautiful. https://www.aliveshoes.com...

New Era Detroit invited me to speak in their zoom meeting a few hours ago, to explain Safe Zone Mobile (SZM) to New Era Nation Chapters and what they should be expecting soon.

They were very excited about this collaboration as we are, as this service would be very beneficial for our community.

*Beta testing to come soon...Pilot launch in Detroit later

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In response Alicia Brayboy to her Publication

@MsOliviaGilmore is kinda right. I feel like we may have been targeted for calling Unc a cheat 🌚

Please send us email or DMs when you see an issue..we would like to rectify those issues before we roll out Blkem blocks. Thanks

I have faith that the glitches and problems with the app will be resolved.
I’m here for the long run, but the app definitely keeps crashing out on me.
No matter what, i’ma stick beside ya. 🔒🤙🏾

I said the same thing LOL...we only use it to bring our people over and push back against W.S. talking points. Once we smooth rolling, gonna delete all other social media

I’m finna delete my twitter. What I need it for??

These are some of the issues we face when we try to provide something for our community. If you check them out, you’ll see the additional issues they are facing. The time and energy it took for us to build, just for it to crash….

We continue to see this story showing up and it's painful every single time. We hope that it gets sooooo much attention, that the entire location is turnt up...

This is why we can't continue to beg these folks to change their ways because, they're ON CODE, no matter where they are.

We need to be ON CODE about building and protecting each other!!

We need BLACK FARMERS in our communities!!!


You see how fast they fired the cops and pushed the video out....to include a street cam?!??!

Everyone should be held accountable, equally, and when white officers harm or kill Black folks...justice should be as swift as they did for the Black officers.

It's very disgusting and a heinous acts committed by these officers.

i don’t know what’s worse: this current murder by police or the fact that the next time white officers that kill one of us won’t be prosecuted nearly as fast, if at all. fuck this place.


The mobile app should be back to normal now.

Thank you

Mobile App is still experiencing automatic logout issues. We are working on it and hoping for a fix soon.

We definitely apologize for the inconvenience!


Cousins, we are going to try and push the changes to the website again. The app automatic log out issue might still be there, so please bear with us.

If it's still there, then "use the website for now". If we can't get a resolution today, we will revert so app can work as normal and continue on Monday.

Thank you all!!



Cousins, we are going to try and push the changes to the website again. The app automatic log out issue might still be there, so please bear with us.

If it's still there, then "use the website for now". If we can't get a resolution today, we will revert so app can work as normal and continue on Monday.

Thank you all!!



We reverted back to previous website version.

The issue: The sign up feature was not working well so we updated it and it’s working on our development website. When we pushed to the live site, that’s when the app logout issues started happening….


We recently pushed a website update but it seems like the mobile app is affected. Mobile app is logging users out and they’re unable to log in.

Please remove and reinstall or use the website if problem persists.

Working on issue.

Keep pushing forward and follow the goal…we gon be here and if faith allows it, making huge noise for our community.

what’s good y’all. I been mad busy lately with work, new business on the way, this album, plus producing people’s projects. I say that to say this, I didn’t forget about this app and it’s progress. how is everyone?

Yea we know there’s no investigation. I’ve been seeing DC metro and other PDs putting out missing Black persons, EVERYDAY!!!

This is crazy and it will take us to care!

A LOT of young Black kids going missing all over Upstate NY lately.

I hope this is being investigated at a state level but I doubt it. I can’t find any coordinated info

This is on the list…I think we will have to base it on volume and time but the difficult part is the engagement of folks on Blkem..I’m sure we’ll find a way.

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

lol he’s trolling.

hmmm iono there would have to be some way for the app to track which hashtags or trending topics are the most popular in the past few hours. and also a place to put them

which might be a pretty challenging thing to do

I need cousins from different states to help me with his bday surprise! PLEASE DROP WHAT STATE OR CITY YOU IN

Well..hate to break it to you..I won the scavenger hunt LOL…notifications are working..you just have to enable via website settings

how's everybody doing tonight? I miss y'all. so many things I missed. who won that scavenger hunt game? did y'all do another bae draft? did we get notifications? lol what's the tea 🤣😂

You're welcome. Now we have to make it to where the notifications are coming in order of interactions. We are progressing.

I am LOVING the scrollable notifications feature!! 🙌🏽🥳 instead of being limited to just 10 like before. thanks Unc! @blkem

To all Afro Americans as French people from Africa who travel there often, if I can advise you anything it is to go there at least once in your life, there are no places in the world where you would feel so at home

praying for anyone fighting silent battles within themselves and also those that decide to speak out... please don’t give up. 💛

@askalicia Hope your day was all you hoped for!!

happy birthday beautiful. @askalicia cheers to many more years 🥂✨

Even though we may be in control of some of our affairs, WS still finds a way to try to dismantle that.

We can’t continue to stand around and let these things happen because of the “it’s not my problem” mentality.

Happy birthday brother!! And you have many more to go!

Thanking God for 50 years around the Sun!!
I’m very thankful, grateful and truly Blessed.
Good morning y’all!!! y’all have a wonderful day today


As always, here's another update. Some of what we are working on below and more.

Safe Zone Mobile beta testing will probably be in February/March. We are looking to Pilot launch in Detroit around the end of April. More to come soon.

Blkem blocks is in development. We estimate a 4 weeks completion timeframe but that also depends on any issues that may arise. We will launch a beta test before full launch.

File caching will prevent the app from reloading every single time when you switch screens.

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Yes…registration is open

are new people still able to join Blkem? I wanna tell someone to join, but idk if we need to send out invites again lol