@blkem @blkembroadcast I can’t see my hall or access the app rn. It’s just loading. But I sent you a dm regarding a privacy/security issue

Timeline Interaction and Ads

The goal of "The Hall" (public timeline) is to give everyone the ability to interact with each other so that there will be no shortage of conversations.

Be warned..if you're just logging in to blurt an ad and leave without interacting with other users, your ad will be removed..as T.I. would say...EXPEDITIOUSLY!

We have been seeing an increased in users just logging in to blurt an ad, then leaving just to return another time to blurt same or different ad.

Please utilize the timeline for what it was made for...to interact and have conversations.

**If you would like to advertise, please utilize the ad feature on the website and support the platform.

Thank you!


Blkem Blocks

Reminder: Once the Block is over, please close it. Click on the three (3) dots (top right corner) in the Block, and tap on close.

This will close the Block. We do not have an automatic feature that closes the Block after inactivity...so please help us out.

Thank you!

#blkembroadcast #blkemblocks

In response April Wright to her Publication

Thank you!
@BlkemBroadcast is it possible to have option to copy the full link url or add “open in browser” as an option? Sometime I want to open the link externally in safari or copy the full url instead of remaining in the app.

Mobile App Update

Both the App and Play store has approved the new Blkem version. Please update your app.

If you don’t see the new version in the stores, wait a few minutes for it to update.

This version should have Blocks issues resolved.

Thank you!

#blkembroadcast #blkemblocks

Mobile app update

We have pushed a new update to the App and Play store 2 days ago and it's available for download.

Please update your app.


In response Teresa Black to her Publication


Also separately, the App Store screenshots could probably use a refresh to reflect all the great changes and updated UI @BlkemBroadcast

In response Teresa Black to her Publication

🤔 @BlkemBroadcast maybe there can be a “new to Blkem” user guide that new cousins can access. It’s a little tricky though since the app is rapidly changing, but maybe that would help.

Account Removal

We just removed approximately 300 accounts that returned error emails after the mass notification we sent out.

Seeing that many cousins have returned and interacting on the timeline, we will hold off on additional account removals so we can allow others to trickle in.

This wouldn't be for long...so for the cousins that's still missing in action, hurry up and get that active status stamped.


Follower/Following Count

If you see your follower or following count decreasing, please be aware that we have started removing accounts that have not been active for a year or more.

There's many accounts that have not been active since 2020.

Some of these accounts have many blurts and media attached to it. Removing them helps free up server space and increase website and app performance.


White media is doing what they are supposed to do..keep the power structure alive, facilitate the negative perception of the Black community.

Black media (not all), are moving the goal post constantly, so they can acquire more likes, shares, views and follows, instead of pushing positive perceptions.


Blkem Blocks

We have pushed a new update for Blocks and it is currently pending review in App and Play stores.

What to expect:

[Update] Category selection validation
[Update] New request red notification
[Update] Four users per column
[Update] Blocks interface, create Block, schedule Block
[Update] Mic mute red icon
[Update] Edit Block
[Update] Upcoming today section
[Fixed] Request to speak on Block pull up
[Fixed] Multiple Block creation on button click
[Fixed] Block creation time
[Fixed] Cohost automatically added to Upcoming Block
[Fixed] Upcoming Block "start Block" button when time is met

#blkemblocks #blkembroadcast

Blkem Usage Statistics

We were finally able to get our usage statistics up and running and this is the results.

With a total of 14717k users, the majority have not logged in for a week.

#blkembroadcast #blkemstats

Blkem Blocks

We are working on fixing Blocks related issues and updating the aesthetics to make it more user friendly so please bear with us while you are using Blocks.

Thank you for your support!

#blkembroadcast #blkemblocks

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