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Remember that handshake you tried to get from Mike Pence and he kept it going, you sure haven't learned your lesson. 

Now you're trying harder to please massa, disrespecting your ancestors and the Black Community just for a paycheck. 

Individuals like Tim are fed a narrative and that narrative makes them do anything, just to keep them handouts coming, even if it means, going against your own.  

Don't be a Tim........B1 


The rate at which these individuals are exposing themselves, there may be a need for "coon of the day". 

"America is not a racist country", says the guy who's campaigning with strings attached. 

Tim Scott, that smile is unforgettable..easily recognizable in a crowd. 

It never cease to amaze us of how many of YOU are out there and what's worse, those that have aligned themselves with white supremacy. 

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Practice does not make perfect, it make permanent.

Everytime we get a chance, we practice, once or twice a month, as it is necessary. There's always a flyer that tends to not be on target.

Rapid shooting from close quarter, starting at 1.5 yards, then 3 yards, then 4 yards to include dominant and non-dominant hand, 15 yards and, finally the 25 yard. These are all timed in seconds.

Focus on front sight, everthing else is blurry, know your target and smooth trigger pulls.


Geetings Family,

Some good news and some bad news.

The Good News:
Mobile app have been appoved in both iOS and Android App store, so it can be downloaded...Finally!

The Bad News:
While the apps have been approved, we found some issues with the initial loading, messages and a few other necessary features. We are working to fix them as soon as possible and will update when they have been resolved.

So do bear with us! We are closer now!! Thank you for all the support!!


Volunteers in the DMV area..your city needs you!

Making a difference, begins with you!

Its Almost time for the DMV to get busy!! volunteers are always welcome!✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

Anything helps people..we all we got. We have to build and re-build our communities, for the youths.

No need to be selfish, we all have an expiration date. The little good you do, will go a long way!

We build our communities up by building up our youths as they're the future!


How do we give back to the youth? How are we able to reach them and help them? We must “meet them where they are”. When we come home to Plymouth, the place to meet the youth is at Adam Street’s basketball court. Adam Street’s basketball court is a special place in the community where many have spent with family or friends playing basketball, and many still do. As many as 20 kids can be seen playing basketball at any given time there. The court is dilapidated, outdated, and has many unsafe elements that we would like to improve and replace.

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Facebook/Instagram, YT, Snapchat, Twitter etc would NEVER put a zero tolerance on racism because it’s bad for business. 

This is why...we need to utilize platforms that do and one’s that’s focused on taking care of our issues and building at the same time. 

So....there’s no need to quit all social media’s, just facilitate the ones that’s built for you!  

Gravity Roots Progress (GRP) 

Tell your friends and family to join Blkem as well


The problem is...WE HAVE 2 BLK AMERICAS, WHO'S IDEOLOGIES & PRACTICES ARE DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED‼️ One of these sides doesn't believe we're at war, therefore, they view begging supremacy for mercy & decency is the best course of action, & for them the Chauvin verdict is a peace gesture, whilst the other BLK America KNOWS it's a strategic sacrifice‼️

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Reasoning with them is futile as these ideologies are part of who they are. 

So...there’s still work to be done. There’s still rights that are being violated. There are still Black people that are being incarcerated. There’s still our brothers and sisters being enslaved and killed, just because their skin color doesn’t align with white supremacy and so on! 

So we cannot become complacent!!  

Gravity Roots Progress (GRP) 


"I'm feeling very warrior like right now,

I have zero faith in the systems that exist

I see everyday, all day

the atrocities being committed against my people

and I have a hard time being polite about that."#quote#africaunite#B1

Replied to Pan Africa's Post

💯🙌🏿 Indeed. Thank you!!! You are right about motivating each other to DO better because we know better.#B1

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Yes...woke is a cool slang to publish or post on our content, feed or anything social but how cool it actually is when all that wokeness, still doesn't change our reality.  

Be woke, do the work! 

Gravity Roots Progress! 


Being "woke" is a state of mind.  

Being "woke" and doing the work, is your state of mind actually working. Proactivity is taking place.  

Working on preventing something from happening is where we need to be at, even if we are not always successful. 

We can sit and have a whole monologue of what needs to happen.."Monday night quarterbacking" as they say....but if we only expect others to take a stance and not ourselves, then it's not leadership. It's lack of action to change our outcome.

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