Tariq Nasheed: Tethering FBA Music - YouTube

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The Lie of Land Based Reparations @The Black Authority​ - YouTube

7-23-2022: Debunking the lie of "land based reparations." TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our CashApp: $TheBlackChannelor Paypal: theb...

Most can't take this kind of heat - Old Woman speaking truth that cuts - YouTube

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Origin of the Church & the Difference Between Spirituality vs Religion! - YouTube

This is commentary on the church, differences between spirituality and religion. #spirituality #religion #queenahmadiyyahshakurCash App-$QueenAShakurPayPal-q...

We'll be tuning in tonight to listen to TheBlackAuthority. If you are not familiar with him, it's time to get familiar.


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For those who missed the information session today, here's the link to the recording that you can listen to.

Good information discussed

Be warned...It's about 2 hours long 😂

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B1 family, meet Daniel F. Camacho iii. Look what he had to say about our brother. Trayvon Martin. This suspected white hispanic supremacist was on Facebook saying all of this mess last night. Nobody talks to our brother Trayvon like that.

MoT #155 Memorial Day Mayhem: Shootings VS Killings - YouTube

Last Memorial Day weekend saw a number of mass shootings and mass killings, many of which received little coverage. We need to remember those lives lost who ...

Two (2) more days before our 1st Blkem Information Session. You can listen via mobile and computer.

You can ask questions. You can make a comment (Can you? lol haven't use the feature before). You can participate in the conversation.

You will get to know Blkem and what we have brought and are working on bringing to the table.

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Please don't be mad at us for staying true to ourselves..

Tough decision!

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Exclusive for US - YouTube

Take what you will with this Blkem promotion but just know, we stand firm on our decision.There's no convincing us on why we should revert until we see Black...


Blkem will be having its 1st information session on June 4 at 6pm.

We will be covering some important topics in these until we get our audio chat up and running.


Set a reminder and tune in!
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Development update:

Blkem begun premature planning of the Blkem Blocks [Bloc] Audio Chat Rooms feature amongst other "Safety" features that are currently in development.

We need you all to keep sharing this network and letting folks know why you decided to utilize Blkem as well.

We need to get more people onboard.

Stay tuned!

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Recent shooting got us thinking more about safety.

What do you all think about "emergency notification" for Blkem?

If shootings and other marginalized aggression incidents take place against Black people, those who have the mobile app will get an audible or vibration alert if they're near the location, or, we can send it to everyone regardless of where they are located.

We can also set up mobile SMS alerts as well.

We'd call it Blerts (Black Alerts)

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