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The 1st Annual BLK L.A. Holiday "FLORENCE & NORMANDIE DAY" is official... Dm for details!

Whether you support reparations or not, these statements are asinine and it's a ploy to gander votes from other communities or go viral.

People supported the Jews getting their reparations for what Hitler did. Even the Jews in the United States.

No matter if you weren't a slave, the physical and psychological effects generations down the line are still present.

Cause and Effect!! We are living in the latter that were caused by SLAVERY!


Celebrating Women's History Month (Specifically Black Women). March 1 - March 31 and every other days in the year!

We should indeed recognize the contributions Black women have made within the Black Community, for everyone. We should also work on diluting the pain that they have went through and are still going through in the 21st century!

We need to be consistent in building them up and working on ways to continue protecting them.

If anyone wants to contribute to this post, feel free to!


I'm sure this news content about Asians being on the receiving end of negativity from the Black community have made its rounds to your screens.

The pinning of the xenophobia narrative, stigmatizing our community with that label is prominent over the media, social networks and international.

We are not downplaying communties that are affected by it but we have been on the receiving end of blatant racism and no legislations or policies were derived to protect us from it.

The Asian community is a wealthy community! The Black Community still staggers!


Ya'll better behave in here and be the representation of Black First.

Dr. Umar Johnson might be making a visit to check in!


If it requires a trending hashtag on the opps social media or a BLM corporate cosign for you to get active about the BLK AGENDA... THEN YOU'RE COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY....✊🏽🏴

You're not suppose to betray your race! 

When Black people knowingly advocate for white supremacy, the ramifications are much greater than just knowing it exist because these people are already integrated into a disadvantaged community. 

It's much more difficult to identify a chameleon in its own environment, an environment where they're most comfortable in. An environment where they can be a double agent..being on code, fooling the masses. 

We cannot continue to accept the things we once couldn't change.


A debate can be healthy without all the disrespect.

If our message do not align with each other, then we can find ways to work on that and NOT be disrespectful. If you have more experience in a subject area, then let's talk about it.

We are NOT illiterates.

Whatever we agree on, we should be working on those things. We seem to find soo much energy on what we don't agree on when that energy could be utilized for our benefit like economic empowerment!


What matters to us, is YOU!!

Thanks for joining this safe space. It's going to get better. We just have to hold it down and support Black Owned.

We need to take back our place in this online arena and on the ground!


What matters to you? - YouTube

Blkem is not like any regular ..

We are FINALLY below 100 in this verification process.

We will continue to work through the process and get you all verified.

Your brown checkmark is coming soon!!


First of all, we want to welcome the TONS of people that were joining Blkem while we slept. Got us cracking up! Now we have much more work to do in verifying your BLACKNESS.

So please bear with us and you will be notified when you get that brown checkmark!

Our goal is to assist in building the Black community, just as those plantation platforms, FB/IG, Twitter, SnapChat etc...would for theirs.

Mobile app is coming very soon to include new features on this platform so please bookmark this site and engage with each other at least 2 - 3 times a week. Give Blkem that same energy.


Replied to Dolo Marceux's Post

Lmao..touche..we have been going live on IG..we will notify once we go live again..#B1

Replied to Veronica Conway's Post

Thank you for the words of kindness and motivation and glad to have you on board. We are growing and we can't wait to see what this platform will be like in the months and years to come!#B1

Where is everyone? Why are you all so quiet. This here is Black excellence. We should be seeing more activity! A stated above, we should be utilizing Blkem as we would clubhouse.


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