In response Site Admin to his Publication

That’s a powerful thing. When we all have somewhat of the same mindset, we can be the fuel to some great, that benefits us all.

We are dedicated to positive and influential progression but that can be amplified by individuals such as yourself!

We are Black First!

Man…we want to thank you all for your continued usage and words of encouragement and motivation we have been seeing.

We have also been seeing users sharing and spreading the word about this platform.

People are the driving force behind progression…
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If you believe in progressive development for an entity that's "FOR" the Black Community, no matter what phase it is in, then you believe that the lack of support is a disservice to that entity.

Nothing can bring change for us, EXCEPT us.

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We created a Blkem back-up account to see a connection with the disabling of our primary account and this is what we got after a few hours.

Targeted? Yea we think so.

Blkem is working on other projects that will be revealed soon!

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We have been talking about this.

Significant Ownership within the Black Community.

The First Black Owned American Auto Manufacturer

This is one of the ways in how we can elevate ourselves for the greater good!

Forget manager status..we need that OWNER status or we need to get there

#blkem #B1 #joinblkem


First black-owned supercar manufacturer in America. The auto company Trion SuperCars is changing the game, adding diversity into the automotive industry. It’...


This is a safe space for us and as one said on the timeline..a space where we care about Black folks and the issues we are facing in society.

Healthy discussions are good for the benefit of the Black community are good.

So let’s work together!
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So now IG is saying they disabled our account because we have violated their terms.

What terms have we violated? Being Black? We had that account since 2020 and have not changed what we have been doing. Our followers are organic.

When you're unapologetically Black, they target you and this is a clear indicator that they are.

This is why, as a community, we lack the power structure, because we don't control these elements, so they can do what they want.

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B1 family, I'm thinking bout moving back to Charlotte when I get ready to buy a house.

What other majority black cities I should travel to before making a final decision?

Soooo..tried to access our IG account and we got block based on “unusual activity”. So we had to provide a phone number to verify.

Now we have to wait 24 hours for them to verify it’s us.

Why would IG force a phone number than an email? hmmmm
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Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

Having a mother is a blessing, especially one that is constantly in your life showing you the proper and right way to do things. Also takes the time, to do it as well.

A mother that understands nurture.
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When we tell people, we are doing the work, we really meant it..but they still doubt.

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen"

Teaser of what's to come...@New_Era_Nation

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Good morning everyone.

Thank you for your continued usage of the BLKEM app.

Whether it is every day, once a week, or even twice every two weeks, we appreciate this.

We’re still missing lots of engagements from other folks that came over from twitter but all good
#blkem #B1

Mobile App Update:

We have uploaded both apps to Play Store and App Store. Pending approval

Updates below:

Dark Mode
Fixed Post Thread post like issue
Fixed following and followers issue
Updated Blurt text
Added gif to Post replies
New Post image orientation
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Sneak Peak:

In the next update, dark mode will be implemented amongst fixes to issues users pointed out!

We are still working on the profile settings issue as it’s taking a bit longer than expected.

We appreciate you all!
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Good morning to some, Good evening to others and Good night to the rest..

Where is everyone from? Rep your City, State or Country.

We’ll go first: Dallas, TX

Our goal is globalization, one step at a time!

#blkem #B1 #blkemgeo

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