In response Clarène Klarke to her Publication

Listen to this podcast: Cortex Podcast- AI Art Will Make Marionettes Of Us All Before it Destroys The World:


Saturnalia and Christmas -- Ground Breaking Proofs

Feature Film Extra roles, shooting in or around Macon, GA 12/9 & 12/10.


Casting for BET+ series
Shooting in Atlanta

Anyone in Atlanta interested in Background work, shooting 12/6/22


I found gray hair. I am not crying about it lol. I might just have b12 deficiency.?

MoT #261 Putting A Stop To Us Being The Whipping Boy - YouTube

This last week we've seen selective outrage about people being seen with Kanye West but not so much outrage about people being seen with Nick Fuentes, one of... Remember family: power is taken, not given. Black first or B1.

White Supremacy's Crisis Of Confidence - YouTube

The uprisings have exposed the lie of the US as a democracy or harmonious, or respecting human rights. But more than that the world sees that white supremacy...

Episode 3 to be continued

Wild Boy Crazy Brink TV Interview 2018

Wild Boy Crazy Brink TV Interview 2018

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Breakfast Santana - Lions & Cheetahs - YouTube

The vibe right now. Share with a friend or 10. Produced by Khaji Beats. Shot by Kandace Tuggle. Muse - Summer Nixon. Edited by Miguel415.Follow us on Instagram.

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