Drae Drae


Aint nobody coming to see you Otis

When that direct deposit hit and you tryna decide whether you about to be responsible or fuck it off...

I apologize, that shit might be all out of order but I numbered it. Please piece it together if you can

Aight. Lets get this #blkempoetryjam poppin. Ill start it off with a poem I just wrote yesterday fresh off of a balloon release ceremony for my good friend Elijah who passed from Cancer. Also #fuckcancer . RIP Eli. Take it easy on me

I think ima start calling niggas "cats" again. Just seem like that time

Me rating restaurants based on the quality of their sweet tea

🤣 🤣 Shit really take all you have left to bend down and pick em up

My stomach when I'm home alone: "......................."

My stomach anytime I'm around people and it's quiet:

Why you call customer service, they ask if you speak English, then connect you to a mf that barely speak English? Sound like he run a 7/11. "Hello, how can I elp yoo tooday?" Lemme get 25 on pump 3, a pack of Newports, some scratch off-oh my fault, force of habit. My internet...

I get scared when I been hungry for so long that my stomach just say fuck it and stop growling. Cause if that nigga anything like me that silence mean aight, Ill handle it myself. "Oh you not gon feed me? Lemme start eating this small intestine"

Well if Love and Basketball taught me anything, it's that it's never too late to challenge your ex to a basketball game with the intent of breaking up a marriage.

The one that got away is getting engaged, life is cruel sometimes

Look at her trying not to talk her shit. GG know she got more skills than a pharmacy got pills. More gifts than LA got crips. More flair than Rapunzel got hair. Stop playin

I do enough 😭 I’ll just say that

Ayooo, I have a great story to tell for storytime, I was wondering, is there a limit? What are the rules? Cause ima have to stretch this joint like a pack o-I mean uhhh like yoga....

@MarAJo I finally found a video of it. There's people in the world that pop every single morning off with this combo

Happy Birthday 🎂

hey y’all. my Birthday doesn’t suck at all. my best good friend took me to my first drag show. Now I’m drunk and laying in bed🫠. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!🥳🥳🥳

I could be so cool with bugs if they didn't try to land on you n shit. But for some reason they choose violence every time

I always felt like Stomp the Yard was basically Drumline but dancing.

What's some of yall favorite fruits? Few of mine is pineapple, red seedless grapes, and I love kiwi

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 YEEESSSSIRRRR!! That mix is ridiculous

This is how we do it every Friday and Saturday!

See you at Joburgs best party every weekend!
#Noshadowjab #OpenFormatZA #OpenFormatDJ #southafrica #DJ

I'm so selfish I be trying to put people on to shows for no reason other than to have somebody to talk about it with. Ion give a fuck if you enjoy it or not. Watch Severance

Me anytime a mf start trying to talk about the benefits of semen retention:

I just wanna say, you voice typing people are weird as hell to me. I understand maybe if you driving but if you just stand in front of me and keep repeating the same question to Google because it's not getting the words right yet it never dawns on you to type it out, I walk off

Ugh. I'm sorry, this is a personal inside thought to myself but ending both sentences with "later" makes my writer brain feel absolutely disgusting. I don't know how that got past me. I'm sorry for yall having to read that. It won't happen a-gain

In response May I Vent to her Publication

Oh, well then guess we'll wait till later. I'll see yall later

Women so weird sometimes. If you do something for her that you've done for anybody else, it's no longer special. But if you don't do something you've done for somebody else, for her, then she no longer feels special. "I bet you do this for all your girls huh?" Shorty eat yo food

Happy Birthday sir

my birthday is less than two hours away. ♑️♑️♑️🍾🍾🍾🍾 1:18 #BirthdayBlurt