💽DJ A1 😈


Your auntie’s favorite DJ 😈😮‍💨 | #ThundercatStan ⚡️🐱🎸 | 📍Detroit ➡️ KY | Leo ☀️ Scorpio 🌙 Scorpio ⬆️

I agree: If someone is invasive and doesn’t respect boundaries in regular situations, that would likely apply to sex as well

I just read somewhere “consent isn’t just about sex it’s about life.” 😮‍💨

It’s homecoming season 🙌🏾 This weekend is about to go crazy

Shoutout to you, but also what is this?

Scored the highest grade in the advanced herbiligy class yesterday! Look what I made

If any of y’all wanna slide to KY for a black college homecoming, pull up because it’s going down this weekend.

Every 1-2 business days I gotta hear a white woman getting her back beat in

Finna buy my neighbors then things that go on the headboard because that mf sound like it’s breaking the wall

I just wanna say I love y’all niggas, I can’t wait to see the app grow.

Travis Kelce won a Super Bowl and started dating Taylor Swift, mans is having an amazing year rn

Thinking about how happy I’ll be without that person in my mental space

What goes through yall head right before you ghost a person

It’s not that I can’t drive like that if needed, but I have no need to do so.

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Been driving since I was 12 and can map out my next 3 traffic moves in less than 5 seconds. While doing 109mph😉 Never hit anything, blinker & rv mirror enthusiast, Pope of Parallel Parking & Patron Saint of Snow Driving.
Get at me, I’ll teach you

This escalated quickly 😂

It’s funny to me that I’m at the age where people see me walking funny & assume I hurt myself….instead of realizing I got my back blew tf out🤭
I’m only 49 damn! I can still freak it

Between this and you tryna hit a devious lick on the menfolk’s hoodies, I’m scared of you 😂

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I drive like a maniac sorry not sorry I have places to be

As an HBCU alum, I’m prolly not attending just tbh. Not that I don’t fw our people, but I want to chill and relax on the cruise and mfs gon be acting like it’s homecoming.

How y’all feel about this HBCU cruise? Have y’all hear about it ? How does the BLK COMMUNITY FEEL?

Driving is literally traveling in a metal box that can kill you and/or someone else if you crash while hoping someone else doesn’t crash into you. Meanwhile people be casually doing 100+ mph with no regard for either your lives.

We are 😂

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Aht Aht not too much. I thought we were one big family.

I feel like there should be an auto DM for new users with this info so they’ll have it as soon as they pull up

Like a regular social media app…icons below each blurts (posts) for interaction…clicking on “Did you blurt today” section will allow you to create a blurt…clicking on the avatar will allow to create a blurt and add media…navigation icons at the bottom of screen to go to messages, notifications, hashtags etc

Top left icon (3 horizontal line) will open the menu.

**Theres two tabs at the top..Home and The Hall. Home tab is for your blurts and blurts from users you follow. The Hall is everyone’s blurts.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Men hide your hoodies, she tryna hit a devious lick 😂

Reality just hit. I won’t have any hoodies to steal 😥. Time to rebuild my network.


Today is the OFFICIAL day to celebrate this song! Sept 21st NOT Sept 1st! 😤

Happy Earth Wind and Fire Day!! 🌍💨🔥🥳

I play 6’s on top of 9’s and if I can sneak two cards on top of each other down, it’s finna happen. Ngl, you gotta watch me in UNO 😂 Also you got two seconds to say UNO, I hate when people be tryna say UNO before you can even play the card.

Agreed, we play where you basically have to match what’s down there, so like if a D2 gets played, the next person has to play one too, and the third person has to have a D4. But you cannot play the D4 directly on the D2.

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Yeah you cheated him ! You can’t put no +4 on no draw two. I’d be hot too. Ain’t no wayyyy

Superb ass penmanship my boy

Ppl really be tripped out about my handwriting.