"stop being concerned with the "legality" of things

there are no just laws on stolen land" #quotes

"fake revolutionaries want people to marvel at their clever words but will never put themselves at risk" #quotes

"They've taken you apart and re-created you in their image." #quotes

"the indignities of every day life

were not written in the stars

they are the result of deliberate choices

made by oppressive people" #quotes

"Whatever we get they will take away

just like they've taken our land and our children

if we know that

we will strategize better

and we will also prevent the violence of disappointment

and the betrayal that hope has done to us" #quotes

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In sum, thought reform should be regarded

as “situationally adaptive belief change

that is not stable and is environment-dependent” #quotes

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"In fact, some persons do not respond at all to the programs,

while others retain the contents

for varied periods of time." #quotes

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"Nor does it permanently capture the allegiance

of all those exposed to it." #quotes

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"Contrary to popular misconceptions

(some intentional on the part of naysayers),

a thought reform program

does not require physical confinement

and does not produce robots." #quotes

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"and why many cultists leave their groups

if they spend a substantial amount of time

away from the group

or have an opportunity

to discuss their doubts with an intimate" #quotes

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"That is why most Korean War POWs

gave up the content

of their prison camp indoctrination programs

when they came home" #quotes

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"The effects generally lose their potency

when the control processes are lifted

or neutralized in some way." #quotes

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"Today's thought reform programs

are sophisticated, subtle, and insidious,

creating a psychological bond

that in many ways is far more powerful

than gun-at-the-head methods of influence." #quotes

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"Thought reform is accomplished

through the use of psychological

and environmental control processes

that do not depend on physical coercion." #quotes

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