"Our world is being destroyed because too many of us lack the courage to do what is right" #quotes

"white people will continually attack your perceptions" #quotes

"Impression management refers to people’s attempts

to control and influence

the impression others have of them." #quotes

"it can ruin your life

only if it ruins your character" #quotes

"Values are the basis of a people's identity" #quotes

Ngugi wa Thiong'o

"controlling people through fear

is the very definition of terrorism" #quotes

"All the education in the world

is not going to help you

if you're too scared to use it." #quotes

"the quicker we realize

no one is coming to save us

the better off we will be" #quotes

"forcing the english language on us

corrupted the way we think

and how we see the world" #quotes

"an abuser's goal

is to get us to accept

their distorted version of reality

uncritically as the truth." #quotes

"Abusive people delight in acting in bad faith,

since they seek not to persuade by sound argument

but to intimidate and disconcert." #quotes

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