"our liberation will not be the result of good will or moral suasion" #quote

"Between an uncontrolled escalation and passivity,

there is a demanding road of responsibility

that we must follow." #quote

"manifest destiny is a sickness

it's based upon this idea

that might makes right

it's based upon the idea

that I can take what I like" #quote

Kaleikoa Ka'eo

"It's normal in our society

to attack the minds

of Black and Brown people" #quote

"it's never the right time for liberation according to our oppressors

remember that" #quote

"Empires always have the hubris

to think they are indestructible,

when in fact they are always unsustainable." #quote

"I'm horrified how easily most people surrender their freedom" #quote

“The secret of happiness is freedom,

the secret of freedom is courage” #quote

"Language can be used for one of two reasons to inform or deceive" #quote

"The world doesn't end in revolt and revolution...it ends in apathy" #quote

"The world we need

won't be built by people

who are loyal

to the world we have" #quote

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