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🤣 🤣 What's wrong with Surf other than the years of him showing up with 2 rounds? You saw what he did to Twork and JC. It got dark in there. He did just finally get good tho. And 40 beat him. Shit, he better than Clips. Quote me one Clips b-Jersey

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Chess gotta stop throwing up every other battle. And Clips is just okay. He been floating on charisma which I'm not mad but I can't think of too many Clips quotes. What do he be saying that have you making the shit face?

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No, I only have that I am a fry cook and some minor stuff about myself. I was just saying, that quote describes the women who “like” me.

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I think the quote is something like ~”you’re asking what I’m bringing to the table when all you’re bringing is a fork.”

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Oh. Lmao. I was just asking because it was in quotes so I thought he was being funny. I didn't realize that's why I was getting recipes 🤭. That's funny lol.

“When you play, never mind who listens to you.” – Robert Schumann

I felt that quote… #YupYup

don't quote me because I know I'll change my mind again. lol. I just need to decide what I'm going to cosplay and just stick to it. I'm also thinking Anya or Yor ( red fit)

One of my favorite quotes is "An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards."

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Absolutely not. My official comment is "I will not be misquoted in any way, shape or form." The conversation you may be referring to is when I stated that when informed of the very definition of gaslighting, it seems like, and I quote "a damn good argument tactic"

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Let me go head and quote your name on this one.

Yeah, No.

In 2023, I’m gonna get better at Liking posts. I will quote, reply, save, share, tell ppl about it in the real world but forget to hit the ❤️.

Love to see all these quotes!! Appreciate you!

l ain’t chasing nothing but a better life

EL OH ELLLLLLLL 😭😭😭😭😭😭☠️This is a quote for the books! 🤣😭 #mercuryretrograde

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Mercury can be in box braids, shooters gon shoot 😂

I took my car into the dealership for what I was advised as a recall, no recall. ended up getting a tire rotation along with $1246 quote for a replacement of shit. went somewhere else got an $800 quote. but I know I can take my ass to Inglewood and get an even better price.

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