"If you are involved with dangerous people who harm you

physically, emotionally, mentally, racially, spiritually, sexually, socially, or financially

the only boundaries that will keep you safe are physically ones." #quote

"as soon as you accept another human being as an 'Authority' in your head, the brainwashing has begun."#quote

"I've traveled across the length of

the breadth of Africa

and i've not seen one person who's a beggar

who's a thief

such wealth i have seen in this country

such high moral values

people of such caliber

that i do not think we would ever conquer this country

unless we break the very backbone

of this nation which is her spiritual

and cultural heritage"#quote

1835 letter to british parliment

"You enslaved the Africans

but you are angry with them

they should be angry with you

you are the enslaver"#quote

Prof James Smalls

"The tyranny of some is possible only through the cowardice of others."#quote

"History is politics projected in the past"#quote

Kaleikoa Ka'eo

"They are not our friends. They do not care about us.

We have to face the reality that we have an enemy."#quote

"I'm not here to give you orders

or commands like our oppressors

I'm here to offer you a choice

we can suffer or we can rule"#quote

"Good morning to everyone vested in ending White rule." #quote


Replied to unchained tiger's Post

"even north america, australia

dispossessing you

treating you like animals

is for your own good

because we're civilizing you or whatever"#quote

"in 1898 a letter was written to herzl to appeal to him

to leave Palestine alone

herzl says we're going to do good for you

this zionist colonization will be for the benefit of the palestinians

and that was a constant drum

every colonizer says that

of course

the french said that to the Algerians

even as they were taking their land

even as they were depriving them of rights

the boers said that to the Africans in

south africa

and so on and so forth"#quote

"The greatest enemy of clear language is insincerity” #quote

Replied to unchained tiger's Post

"there’s no end to the available horror.

whatever nightmare possibility we imagine.

we can always imagine something worse.

we can always add more horror.

the fear we feel contemplating those 'what ifs'

isn’t a response to any real danger.

It’s a response to our own imagination."#quote

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