Very true! And that shit wasnt even for us, but the "native americans", and i put quotes cause these mfs arent even REAL natives! $5 MEXICANS, thats what these so-called "natives" getting all tha money and all those rights are.

The ideology behind the Civil Rights Movement was for Black America to gain equal rights and opportunities along side whites. This was not then and not now ever going to happen.

Imitating the Oppressor Has Corrupted Black Leadership

"Grotesquely abusive behavior is not something to be figured out.

It's something to be stopped." Pacifism as Pathology #quote

"If Black empowerment not personal, just emotional slogans, quotes feel good euphoric moments, we will be played every time. Check who hyped you? their true motive and purpose. Do not forget to check yours also while reacting" Kuwpa #Blackpowerwithpurpose #Blackpowerinpractice

"All education is political! Never ever think that it is not." #quote


"no colonizer has our best interests at heart

no matter how polite they may seem" #quote

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