"We have a couple of myths...

that I would really encourage us to get over

and one is social change happens by moral suasion

it doesn't.

It happens by force" #quote

"anarchism is not a romantic fable

but the hardheaded realization,

based on five thousand years of experience,

that we cannot entrust the management of our lives

to kings, priests, politicians, generals and county commissioners" #quote

"We are being subjected to a death of a thousand cuts

and most of us don't even realize it" #quote

"If monuments still honor slavers and rapists, it is because the system they built is still standing." #quote

Let's take it down.

"it's good to restore the natural order of things

after a period of disarray"#quote

"The system of white supremacy brainwashes nonwhite people into believing white people's 'authority' is legitimate" #quote

"Most people are cowards

and will side with whoever has the most power

regardless if they're just or unjust,

legitimate or illegitimate." #quote

"Putting boundaries in place

and not allowing people to cross them

is the development of self-respect." #quote

"Sociopaths and psychopaths will, without exception,

push people's boundaries to the limit,

break them, extract what they need from the person

then leave them feeling as if they have no self-worth

and obsessing about the person who did it to them." #quote

"You gain nothing if you confine yourself to rules and laws.

I wish I had learned that lesson sooner." #quote

"There are only two states of affairs.

A state of peace or a state of war." #quote

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