One of the best as well as worst things about this language we are entangled with is it's fluidity... Complex in operation but nearly liquid (it seems) where #definition and #Vernacular #Affect #Usage ... One may literally ~make-up~ and persist an imagined word or phrase into acceptance. Conversely nada whole ladda folks know what is what without #YourLexicon .

In response Lenny Kathleen to her Publication

Absolutely not. My official comment is "I will not be misquoted in any way, shape or form." The conversation you may be referring to is when I stated that when informed of the very definition of gaslighting, it seems like, and I quote "a damn good argument tactic"

In response slim Papi to his Publication

🤣 Fr. When I was first told what the definition of gaslighting is, I was like that just sound like a damn good argument tactic to me. What's the problem?

Menticide is a systematic and intentional undermining of a person's conscious mind; brainwashing. #definition

Agnotogenesis — the deliberate creation of doubt or uncertainty #definition

Y’all need to find a different definition for that Colorism is discriminating against DARKER skintones .

In response Saphira Musé to her Publication

someone told Lenny that her being mixed meant her opinion didn't matter

if you ask me them caphouse people are the true definition of weirdos!

they have a different definition of personal bubble. definitely.

I'm convinced that YT ppl don't understand personal space.

literally the definition?! Lmaoo you’re not supposed to have any contact 😭😭

this isn’t tampering

Lets really define this definition of wholesome…..because i dont see it w/ some of these members 🤔🤔

👀 like WBMC wholesome?

so topic of the day


what’s your definition of it and do you think its important to have in life? Do the type of friendships you have define you as a person or if doesn’t have any effect on the human personality?

In response K.J. Carter to his Publication

Safe, hmm define your definition of that word please 🤣

my mom is apart of the definition of black don’t crack she turn 41 tomorrow and she looks like my older finer sister who’s 5yrs older than me😍

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