Ari .....


STL🤟🏿😊 She Is All That

I have braids down to my ass and idk how I feel about it

Smile.... it just may be what someone needs to make it thru the day.🥰😘😍

so private i’m the type to have a baby and not tell nobody in the family until it’s first birthday

finally back. was having some technical difficulties but admin got me straight.

Question: it doesn't seem as if this app supports vacation pics. How do you get around that?

Next year for my bday I want to travel with my man. I'm trying to Manifest it

Happy Father’s Day! Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! Keep showing up and showing out!

I hope this becomes just as popular as twitter, something FINALLY for just black people & black people only haha

In response Destiny Vaughan to her Publication

i was JUSSSSSST talking to someone asking where i can get some. my locs are flourishing and im ready to dress em up for the summer weather so ill be waiting sis ...?

Trying to vent to someone who isn’t understanding is more frustrating than anything.