Ari .....


STL🤟🏿😊 She Is All That

I bought this man flowers only bc men deserve flowers too.

I remember EVERYTHING about this audition and I know I’m not the only one who saw the magic as soon as she walked in the room. It’s so good to see her get her flowers. She deserves every good thing that comes her way. God is the Greatest.🥹

In response Ari ..... to her Publication

Good morning 🌞
Hope you have a wonderful Saturday! 💙

Procrastination kicked my butt this week. I’m working too hard on a Friday!

I made a full month without coffee!

And now today, I want coffee… 😩😅

I talk so fast and I need to work on slowing down but its so hard

This lady just made me sad. Im oyp talking to her and she says my cousins name was Ariel and she died and I miss her so much. I appreciated talking to you today

That year threw the whole world off and I cant seem to get over it

2024 is literally next month and I am still not fully over 2020 bc wtf..

Not me pulling up to see if there’s a block still going and it’s empty. Awww

I love every ones enthusiasm for the blocks 😊... hopefully Im up. Lbs

Then.... Why did they not blast that Las Vegas University mass shooting all over from yesterday. My first time hearing about it today

This city wicked. 🙃🥴 Someone stabbed someone at Panda Express over the quality of his food

The thing is, some of you aren’t doing it once either. The notifications says otherwise, back to back visits. Are we alright? 😂

Dating apps would be much better if everyone that used them would be completely honest. The worst that could happen is that person swipe left or right.

On the other hand I get it that it’s hard to open up to a complete stranger. Decisions…Decisions