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Girl a lot of mfs just have them. They don't even raise them anymore 😴 lbs

I don’t know how you parents do it!? Having and raising kids is NOT for the faint hearted! 😩

My baby is sick 😫 so I'm in the house for the day. Out by the night having a good time 😂😊

OK ima do the quiz again & I'm going to get a 90 or higher 🤪

Pyramids is my shit too! Long ass song but it's def a vibe

I really wish that I could do messages where you could actually hear my voice instead of having to hop on block, but make sure yall start taking your vitamins!!!! they are coming out with a new sickness once again. be safe out here 🙏🏾

This will be my first ever Christmas party for a job that I attend 🤩🤪🎄

My jobs Christmas party is tomorrow & I'm soooo excited lol

Yes! Don't forget @maxerinjames too! I can't wait for the next one 🥰🤗

Glad I caught a cute lil blocky block tonight! It was good to talk to y’all! 😊
@slick426 @6ixteen_9ineteen1619 @Ariels_lyfe

It's the adding s to everything for me 😂😂

In response Ja’Lise Brown to her Publication

Not gonna hold you
Who all gonna be there?
Are they…? Was he…? *with the look*
Aight boom
Adding s to everything
Run me my check!
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽with any phrase
The way we hype anything up
The nicknames we make for any and everything 🤣 like we can’t ever just say the name

Adding these in here too, even though they’re also used in other communities now:

I'm tired as fuck!! I hope my boy lets me sleep at least for a couple of hours 😫

Gorgeous 😍🤩

I got like two good selfies on my birthday …

We doing a block tonite, we telling y’all now so nobody can say they didn’t know

Where are you located? You have fb?

I locked my hair a few months ago, now I can’t find no one to help me maintain it 🙄🤺