Cold meds are placebos. Make yourself some fire cider for cold & flu season. Check out my girl at Earthseed Detroit on YouTube for the recipe

First time Grandma, Bibi in Swahili. Breaking generational curses & cycles so you won’t hear me say no “that baby moving out the way” or “he been here before” cause Wtf?🤔😒 stop it

Having a child with a disability means you must become a civil rights researcher and attorney. Today I fight for basic supports for my child in school. They not gone play with my time today!

I miss fostering. This is my last foster Olivia and I got word today that she’s going to a great home. She was brought to me at a few days old and I didn’t know if she was gonna make it. Here she is at 2 weeks old, that face!🥹😍

Each and every one of em

These jobs are so unorganized but want you to come with all your shit together & ducks in a row smh

Stop jumping out into traffic cause you in a hurry, we not obligated to slow down for you. Learn to judge the speed of oncoming traffic not just the distance. Yes I’m insured, and yes I will tear yo back end smooth tf off

Strike over, which means the doors of the Pynk will be back open soon!!!
I miss lil Mississippi, Uncle Clifford & lil Murda so much 🥳

Be careful how you speak on other people, especially people you think you’re doing better than as in “I dont have those problems” because guess what?
You can have those problems. Nobody’s immune. Anybody can go broke, have a disabled child, etc.

UGG makes waterproof boots that are cute for fall & winter.

This is what I say to my daughters/nieces instead of condescending remarks about how ugly & broke down the “suede” ones they love can get.

Then I brag about how warm my feet are….♉️🤭

Acting might be in his future cause he already know how to put on a face🤣😍

“Powder cornrow wig” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 exactly what I’m talking about, no excuse

In response Alicia Brayboy to her Publication

Alicia there's no excuse for that 1600s Declaration of independence powder cornrow wig he put on Shemar Moore. They both need their ass whooped. Shemar for wearing it.

Enjoyed my evening then to my surprise I get a phone call as I’m walking in the door, my mjukuu is woke & wanted to talk 🥰
This baby’s love is so precious and pure yall. Takes me back to my first years of motherhood

The 1 superficial thing I’m conceited about. My daddy taught me to drive, I’m literally for the streets🏎️🚓🚨

In response 💽DJ A1 😈 to his Publication

Been driving since I was 12 and can map out my next 3 traffic moves in less than 5 seconds. While doing 109mph😉 Never hit anything, blinker & rv mirror enthusiast, Pope of Parallel Parking & Patron Saint of Snow Driving.
Get at me, I’ll teach you

🎶 We are enemies
We are foes
Who are you?
And what are those?

You are gross 🤢

Saturday cleaning with Doja Cat 🐱
Good morning 👹

We Ready🎃👻🍂🧙🏾‍♀️
Been looking for a black skull coffee mug and boom! Found one yesterday

It’s funny to me that I’m at the age where people see me walking funny & assume I hurt myself….instead of realizing I got my back blew tf out🤭
I’m only 49 damn! I can still freak it

This morning I let my Rose go up to her locker & class by herself. Seems like nothing to most people but autism families know why I’m so proud this morning ✊🏾👍🏾 she’s 10 now and I’m so proud of her🧚🏾‍♀️🌹

Vinegar, baking soda & fresh lemon juice is the best cleanser for the house! I put that ish on everything !

Throwback to baby boy at 2 months old, listening to me tell him stories about his Ancestors. He was all in🤣🥰

Mid-week hello from our future president, currently teething

My mothers spirit came to sit with me this morning, cause I was feeling low. Next thing I know I’m up cleaning & listening to Yarbrough & Peoples “Don’t Stop The Music”. That song is over 7 minutes long🤣 Needless to say, her spirit got mine togetha 💃

How I’m about to sleep after sending a text to end my half assed relationship & turning my phone on dnd 😊

Tyler Perry came on the scene and made us proud. We flocked & supported that man only for him to hate on his actors like this….
I’ve been side eyeing him ever since I saw the wigs from Wish on the screen.
Nobody on set said nothin???😩🤭🤣

Northerners, test your furnace this week don’t wait. Even if the house is brand new…cause playas fck up sometimes too👍🏾✊🏾🤣

Y’all better leave GenX alone. We fought irl none of this protection behind a screen while talking shit…we either beat your ass or got our asses beat but we fight for real ain’t no talking.
These old knees can lead to a brand new foot in ya ass😘🤣

Hey Starbucks lovers!! Those eggs on your brekkie sandwiches are POWDERED EGGS not fresh. And y’all paying full price for em.

A lotta people were RAISED by a walking red flag…. Can’t expect them to be able to recognize something normal as a problem 🤷🏾‍♀️😑

Jordan Peele has surpassed Tyler Perry as a Black film creator. Less struggle porn, more “did you get the message?” I hope Tyler has better ideas for his studio or at least collabs with Jordan soon.

Bibi’s Baby Blurt- Saturday morning Edition
His auntie has a cold so we won’t see him this weekend 🥲my mjukuu got brains, just like me😅