Shayla Hamilton


just like my mother; never satisfied. 📍Bahrain. IG: @mugsey__

I just got to work and I already wanna go home lmao. this is sad

i only have like 600 followers on IG and today more than half my followers interacted with me. last time I did numbers like this, I had posted a photo on my story insinuating that I ate ass 😭😭

we’ll still be on lockdown for my birthday so I’m going to get dressed, order in, and take pics. TikTok has given me a few ideas, but executing by myself will be… something 😂

before that blurt welcomes unsolicited medical advice, if I had actual sleeping problems, I wouldn’t feel comfortable enough to fall asleep with my mouth taped shut. I just be doing shit and sometimes the shit works out for me. ✨

after days of silence, my random blurt will be me telling y’all how I taped my mouth shut before I went to sleep last night and … I woke up feeling more rested than I have in forever. do what you will with that information

the girls did their thing for Halloween this year! I saw some shit I ain’t never seen before 😂 somebody dressed as KAREN from SpongeBob. KAREN????? I never would’ve thought of that 😂😂

I’m bout to go to sleep, but before I do that, I wanted to say…. I’m a Dr. Umar Stan

I thought I was gonna be posting some bomb pics this weekend after attending my first Navy Ball, but they canceled it 😭 tragic

I’m randomly in the mood to watch Being Mary Jane from season 1 but it’s not available in Bahrain….. tragic

ladies.. are y’all dating yt men? have y’all ever dated a yt man? why or why not? 🍿

not having to specify that your questions are tailored specifically to your community is enough reason to stick with this app

I got 4 days off for this “holiday” and i didn’t do anything but rest. I’m okay with that.

part of me wants to date again, but the other part of me be seeing things like, “when I started hating my girlfriend” posts and…. i just don’t know ,,,

I had some faux locs in and it took me like 10-15 minutes to get ONE out. I called my braid lady so fast. baby I’ll pay whatever, just save me 🗣️

one thing I’m gonna do every time… is pay for convenience

Stacy bookie, why didn’t you ask Izzy about his finances in the pods?

ok let me get back into Love is Blind 5. we’ve already gymed today and made dindin plans. ✨

day 2 back at work and … I’m already ready for my next set of days off 😭

a few days ago I posted about wanting to be a 5am gym person and today, we successfully got in there before 5:30am

my classes start back up in like a week and some change so get ready for me to be on here complaining about the consequences of my own actions (procrastination) again

after 30 long, lovely days… I’m back at work tomorrow

Q4 begins tomorrow. set your intentions and get shit done

I really wanna be one of those people who can get up at the crack of ass and workout.. I just feel like the people who gym at 5am have their lives figured out