This is ignorant, bigoted and ALL WHITE school board did this...

York, Pennsylvania School Board Bans Rosa Parks Book

Replied to Afro Merica's Post

No black on Trumps anti COVID anti mask propaganda, or the anti mask anti vax white American majority either. We're the ones dying because of their bs. No Black person has any reason to trust the white government or thier medical system yet we still get vaccinated. Texas tried to block masks in schools. Southern white politicians are especially bad (but they ALL are terrible).

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if they refuse to teach the truth

schools are nothing more

than coercive brainwashing camps

The Black-Owned businesses in our communities as of right now are far too unessential. I can 100% guarantee we don't need another streetwear brand, or another durag brand, what we need is an ESSENTIAL store!

This is a part of the second stage of black liberation prior to the abolition of capitalism. The Black Liberation Project's goal is to promote the creation and institution of essential black-owned businesses such as a Grocery Store, a Bank, a clinic, and a school.

I'm back🥳. School is kicking my butt😒. But I will ace these summer class 😌. 🤫 don't ask about the last 2 semesters 🥺 they were not pretty I'm on probation😭.

all these blacc graduates 😍😍😍 i come from a family of dropouts that changed the narrative to at least finish high school so i literally love graduation season

Dr. Umar Johnson - Good or Bad for Black People? Excuses or Progress on School? || The Saint and The Sinner by Marquett Davon

Dr. Umar Johnson - Good or Bad for Black People? Excuses or Progress on School? - YouTube

African American leader and pan Africanist Dr Umar Johnson was recently on the Breakfast Club. Let's talk about what he said. Share questions via cash app: $...

Tennessee (U.S.) House approves bill restricting discussion on race and racism in schools as of May 4, 2021.
- Schools can not teach that the United States is “fundamentally or irredeemably racist or sexist.”
- No instruction that says [white] people bear responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of their race.

This comes after a 7 year old white girl has experiened her first white guilt moment.

Black kids have to deal with YEARS of trauma in REAL LIFE!! But, we have to feel sorry for the white people???🤢🤮🤮

That white devil is workinnnn!!

Michelle may have been a couple of years behind me! I was held back a year. But anyway, she was an UNDER CLASSMAN and in high school, we don't REALLY look behind us (backwards), but forward to the UPPER CLASSMEN!!! That's how it is in high school.

It's funny how the structure of people go in this socieity and all others!!!! This society as ALL others is a CASTE SYSTEM!!!🤩😍

It's FUNNY how we as people look at things!!!

Black Students targeted for mistreatment by the School System.

Black Students targeted for mistreatment by the School System. - YouTube

UCLA Study shows black students are being targeted for abuse by the school System in LA county. Whatever happens in LA for dam sure is happening in your tow...

#Nigerian movement for the liberation of the western Sahara condemns France's actions
3 Abducted schoolgirls have been found shot

#zimbabwe deadlock over tobacco transportation fares

#southafrica lawyers representing Zuma are withdrawing

#tanzania braces for cyclone ,
Suluhu doesn't want to be compared to Magufuli ,
Oil deal with Uganda

#liberia #ivorycoast Liberian men had been killed during attack on ivorian military base

#ethiopia #tigray sexual violence as weapon of war

#Namibia protest against oil company

#kenya shortage of HIV drugs


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