This is a blatantly bigoted show of projection. If they can cast the mantle of their sickness onto people of color, particularly a Black person, they can camouflage themselves from the violence when the hunters come.

Sometimes the greatest thing you can DO for YOUR PEOPLE is to have the ability to say I did MY PART. If we all just do OUR PART nothing can get in the way. BLACK ACCOUNTABILITY

The next time someone shouts “Say No to CRT,” show them this.

i review an article written by a south asian goth and talking about their experiences of being in goth over the pond. while this isn't a black perspective, i had seen this article being shared over and over and it being a hot topic. so i wanted to read it and discuss it with ya'll and how i as a black native person can connect to her experiences as well. the goth life includes brown and black people always.

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RECIPE 1/8 cup corn meal 1 cup flour you can increase your flour accordingly. Keep cornmeal limited. 1/2 cup butter 2t baking power 1 pk yeast Luke was watwr. I boil then add cold water for right temp. Mix well til it is adhere nicely us flour for a smooth finish, let sit for 3min, then cut in small pieces then roll in small balls, let sit for another 2Min press in center n then start rolling out with rolling pin. You also have hot skillet on fire with oil. Ensure you have bowl with napkin to absorb the oil after its fried and you are taking it out of the pot one by one

My mom passed away one week and two days ago. This is one of my favorite pictures of her and I. She hated the color red. Yet, there we were. Lol. She started to hate the color red due to the prevalence of "gang culture" in NYC. Her favorite color was blue. For those of you who are clueless or who possess just a working-knowledge of the inner-workings regarding funeral arrangements...DO YOUR RESEARCH NOW!!! Children, stress this to your parents and parents stress this to your children. Make sure you have a will drawn up and state within that will who will be appointed as your executor. LET ALL

Not to say that the Democrats are any better, but this generation of the Republican Party are the most intellectually misguided, crooked and power-hungry people on this God’s earth today.

The Republican Party Should Never Hold Power Again

people say literature and all these movies are fake but ive ALWAYS had a feeling they are real. there are aliens. mermaids. lochness. dinosaurs still walk this earth. trolls. fairies. witches. alla that.

Okay there’s a thread of positivity behind this. I just found this for y’all too. 🥹🥹🥹(New update: The video cap is 1min, but they’re uploading really smooth. All these posts were easy for me to make.)

Twins reconnecting after 5 weeks apart:

This man will soon lose a part of his mind that connects him to humanity, and when that happens, the people of the earth should worry.

A Spiritual Profile of Elon Musk and the Minds of the Wealthy

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

I had a "friend" like that last year. I met them in high school so i was getting played for seven years straight. We started a busines that failed because they were lazy and top of that, they pretty much drained me of my momey and energy. One of those cant be given back

Hello My name is Kaloni Cush I am the owner of Mad Dreamers Space Art&Craft Supplies located 4958 Cowan rd Suite 210 Acworth Ga 30101 come see me for your Art Supply needs we also have Kids crafting classes available

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

‼️ Sums up what I’ve encountered lately. Decided to take a step back and live my life. I’m the same person when I’m not broke as I was when I was. When I give, it’s from the heart. It’s OK that you don’t know what this costs, all that matters is your value to me.

It would. Before segregation we had our OWN schools and taught OUR history. Once they started being "inclusive" that's when the brainwashing really started. Your oppressors will never tell you the truth about you. You are the You-niverse, everything is Eye and Eye AM everything 👁

In Van's most recent guest spot, he chats with the 'Speak Now, Hold Your Peace' podcast about whether segregation would benefit Black students. #thatsthescenario #GuestSpotSummer

Speak Now Hold Your Peace 055 – Should Schools Be “Officially” Segregated?

Should schools be segregated again? Are we as African Americans better off teaching our own youth? Some say yes, some say we would be even further behind. ...

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