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"Black businesses have been "cancelled" for less, whether it'd be pricing of goods/services being sold or a restaurant owner telling patrons not to spread their secretion juice all over people's food while they're trying to enjoy their

B1 family, I'm thinking bout moving back to Charlotte when I get ready to buy a house.

What other majority black cities I should travel to before making a final decision?

Will work on cutting the streams up into clips and having each topic be an individual video.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

Having a mother is a blessing, especially one that is constantly in your life showing you the proper and right way to do things. Also takes the time, to do it as well.

A mother that understands nurture.
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"the wait for perfection never got things done. You just have to start."

"Anyone who attempt to sabotage you from reaching your full potential is an enemy, no matter who they are" Kuwpa #quotes

what's up black family?

all my naturalist/naturalistas out there with fine (thin textured) hair. how do you grow yours?

"Is it too much of a burden for Black men to look for emotional ease from the ONE person outside of each other who understands our struggle almost at a one-to-one comparison?"

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"Personally speaking, it's unfortunate when I communicate with a "friend" about my problems and they say "everybody has problems" or "try not to think about it" before trauma dumping all over me expecting me to feed their soul when all they were willing to give me were crumbs."

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Welp. 22 days into the new year and I publish my first post. As with every year my first post is a poem. This year was no different. Enjoy.

I wrote about the political climate in New York from my point of view.


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What's good y'all? How's your Sunday going?

I got a question. What's your definition of success? What does it look like?

Answer one or the other if they are both different or only have a response for one of them. For me, success is me actually making a living being a writer/author/creator. Of course I'd love ship loads of money but I'd be comfortable with a livable wage to my standard.

Good morning soul people. How y'all feeling today?

Thoughts on yesterday's verdict?

It's been a while. I really need this on my phone, though. Is there an android app?

"I've been saying this for years but I'm glad our good sis IssaRae turned my hot line into a hot song. "I'm rooting for everybody Black." Funny enough, I started saying those same words as a teen/young adult when I started watching award shows and would be asked who I was rooting for. I don't watch award shows anymore but what hasn't changed is my love for the Black Team."

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Anybody from NC? I will be moving there (Charlotte) next month. Would love to link up if possible. Message me if anything.

Everyone else be well and be Black, ALWAYS!

Before I forget, I wrote a poem the other day. Let me know what you think.

What's so refreshing about this blackform (black owned platform) is that there's not a bunch (or any) melanated rich people constantly inboxing me trying to get me to buy into their peramid scheme. Just people vibing, educating and being them. No one trying to scam other black folks under the guise of "networking" and "black economics."

Hopefully y'all doing well out here. Stay strong, protect your peace.