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If you spend more time arguing instead of acting, you too are a part of the problem.

It was a wise man who told me not to argue with fools or spend time in dialogue with people who are committed to misunderstanding me.

Spend your time wisely and protect your energy.

What an elder sees sitting down, a young man can't see standing on an iroko tree.

Are the Elders Always Right?

I love these conversations.

Weird diet/productivity hack:

Coffee w/ cream, cayenne pepper, and a few drops of black seed oil.

Ayyyeee!!!! Congratulations!

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Fascism is rooted in a multi-faceted system that focuses on eradicating our imagination, hindering our thought process, and restraining our ability to communicate beyond borders.

Lazy people despise learning.

My hair 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿, it don't move.

A time was had.

I'd be pissed.

In context, it's kind of on-brand.
I'd die if Oompa Loompas popped out singing about capitalism.

@MrCloud513 I have an article for you

Glasgow Willy Wonka experience slammed as ‘farce’ as tickets refunded. They used AI images to promote the event and then in real life it looked CRAZY 😩🤢

On this episode of New York is a ripoff:

$300,000 for a 750 sqft. project co-op is crazy. Getting a call from someone who's interested in viewing is crazier.

In 2024, an active-duty white, male Airman named Aaron Bushnell self-immolated to express his disdain for U.S. war crimes and live-streamed the act. His last words:

“…I will no longer be complicit in genocide.”

We are not well.

Per Northwestern University, police are currently investigating an active shooter threat. If you know of anyone on/near campus ground, check on your people.

From: KMBC Kansas City

19-year-old T'Montez Hurt was in Kansas City early Thursday morning with a friend when he called his grandma in mental distress.

Anyone with information call the Kansas City Police Department's Missing Persons Unit at 816

Yeah, I’m crazy enough to add another class to this semester.

Thank God for years of self study. Got a lot more to learn but it’s good to have affirmation/preparation nonetheless.

The dynamics and nuance of this structure in/outside of the NOI to this day is complex and sensitive for a lot of us, but the positive impact of each pillar can’t be denied.

To those in observance, Happy Saviours Day🖤✊🏿

Seeing Vice Magazine stand on its last leg is heartbreaking. They radicalized foreign correspondence and media coverage.

…I blame the Shaderoom media takeout and all other yellow journalist platforms.

This Natureboy trial is going to be interesting and more than likely painful to watch.

SN: throw the book at him.

I’ll never get over that man buying/mailing out shoes for invisible children.

The choice of Black Americans to acknowledge our roots outside of this country is not a call to ignore the contributions of the Ancestors who built this nation.

It's basic math.

I thought we'd be done with this rhetoric a long time ago. 😒

Am I the only one that gets frustrated with the “You can’t be that busy” or the “You never call” crowd?

People have bills to pay. Most are overworked. We are tired. Take this text/social media check in and live.

Anytime you’re doing the work and get pushback for holding Black “leaders” accountable for their mishaps, you’re looking at a cult. There is no one way to act on our liberation, but we gotta start calling out nonsense when we see it.

God forbid if we leave this Earth without acting on our potential.

Time waits for no man.

A gentle reminder

Socially, the world has been down bad for a while. But this pandemic turned a lot of people into monsters. No communication skills, no etiquette, no accountability, nada. We’re functional zombies right now.

Where should we begin?😵‍💫

That Who TF did I Marry TikTok adventure is this generation’s Trapped in The Closet…I said what I said.

“We know he lies.”

I should be reading but ***ch what?! 😧