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For Black History Month, our Monday podcast is offering another solution to#blackowned small business for achieving their audio and voiceover with basic equipments that do not need to be expensive.


Read: https://afribean.com/radio/2021/10/11/afribean-podcast-audio-recording-voiceover-basic-equipments-paidattention/

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Audio editing with basic and cheap equipments || AFRIBEAN PODCAST - YouTube

#afribean #afribeanpodcast #blackownedAFRIBEAN PODCAST every MondayRadio: https://afribean.com/radioMagazine: https://afribean.comNewsletters: https://afribe...

Recap via#Reuters :

…The bank has also mandated such staffers to be tested twice a week, and said they would need to contribute a higher cut of their pay towards medical insurance, to account for testing expenses… The bank also said new joiners in client-facing roles or those required to travel for business will have to get vaccinated.

For Black History Month, our Monday podcast is offering a solution to#blackowned small business for achieving their content on a NO budget, No skills, No download basis.


Read: https://afribean.com/radio/2021/10/04/afribean-podcast-video-editing-with-no-skills-no-budget-no-download-paidpartnership/

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Video Editing with NO skills, NO budget, NO download || AFRIBEAN Podcast - YouTube

AFRIBEAN PODCAST every MondayRadio: https://afribean.com/radioMagazine: https://afribean.comNewsletters: https://afribean.com/newsletterFind the full article...

Before we turn in, we're asking that you share your favorite Black/African-American/Indigenous owned business with us. We'll be doing a weekly business spotlight to keep the dollars circulating throughout our communities and we need ALL hands on deck. Sleep peacefully, be kind to each other, good night, and all that other happy stuff.😀

Book Wise: An Elementary Guide to Independent Freight Dispatching
Get trained to dispatch trucks working from home. Mentoring and support available.
For those looking to get into the business; also, for new and experienced dispatchers.

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"oppressors aren't in the business

of enlightening their victims" #quotes

Black Yale Educated Doctor Debating Delta Variant + New York Covid 19 Mandate with Business Man || The Saint and The Sinner by Marquett Davon#Covid19 #misinformation


Black Yale Educated Doctor Debating Delta Variant + New York Covid 19 Mandate with Business Man - YouTube

Dr. Dr Emmanuel C Ohuabunwa, Graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Yale Medical school, will be debating and discussing the corona virus, the new strains,...

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White and Asian companies have a lock on the black hair market yet the don't use ANY of the products. This is as ridiculous as dark skinned black people having a lock on suntan lotion distribution. By buying black we can put every non black owner of black hair products out of business. I would gladly pay a monthly fee to support access to black owned products to out community. Put the oppressors out of business.#blackhair #buyblack #blackbusiness #BlackOwnedBusiness #blackgirlmagic #blackwomen #blackentrepreneurs #supportsmallbusiness #BlackExcellence #blackbusinessowner #blackfashion

Hi. My name is Natalie and I make jewelry that wows people. A lot of people think that Pandora's charms have real gemstones and are NOT plated, but that's not true. Also, they did not invent that style of bracelets. (The style is known as "European Style Charm Bracelets.") They simply put them on the map by charging outrageous prices for the same charms that I have access to across the pond. When I saw how high they were charging, I wanted to give my people a better alternative. Check out my Facebook business page when you get a chance or take a look at the bracelets below! Comment under any o

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