This is greed and worker exploitation on the part of big business...

U.S. hiring takes big step back as businesses scramble for workers, raw materials

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Yeah, yeah!! That thought is DEFINITELY in the back of my mind!! I've been hearing of this sort of thing from black men saying "there are more of us than there are of them!!"

Sometimes I think that's ALL JUST TALK, but I know that that's WHAT'S COMIN'!! And when I think of a revolution/revolt, blacks usually burn down and revolt against BLACKS (businesses) and not the oppressor!!!

This white man is SEVERELY PUSHING US IN THAT DIRECTION!!! It's coming!!!! But when??!!! I know that this is truly what's needed, but it is kinda SCARY when I think about this!!!!!!!!!!!

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Facebook/Instagram, YT, Snapchat, Twitter etc would NEVER put a zero tolerance on racism because it’s bad for business. 

This is why...we need to utilize platforms that do and one’s that’s focused on taking care of our issues and building at the same time. 

So....there’s no need to quit all social media’s, just facilitate the ones that’s built for you!  

Gravity Roots Progress (GRP) 

Tell your friends and family to join Blkem as well


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The fact is, this system was founded on racism and it’s bad for business to implement such a stringent policy. The war on drugs was implemented because it was good for gains on modern day slavery. 

Taxes was instilled because it’s good for business..taxing from hard earn workers to continue funding their agenda. 

Copyright infringements was adopted because it’s also good for business..puts back money into this system so that they can continue to infringe on Black rights!

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We talk about supporting black owned businesses, but most of us do not. We need to learn consumerism. The same way you go to Walmart everyday is the same way you need to be supporting a black owned business. We know when you go into stores your mind doesn't say "look for black owned products", however we must subconciously start to readjust to make a difference. We all play games, but most of us will go into Walmart and buy Uno or traditional playing cards; Why not grab 'Verified' and support black own.

😭dang i didnt know it shows that you visited someones profile lmfaoooo TELLIN ALL MY BUSINESS😂, im tryna creep in private thank you very much!

And this is why the U.S. is suffering cultural, political and racial deformity...

The Men Who Turned Slavery Into Big Business

With the national and global attention on this case, Derek Chauvin was worth more to white in prison than free. But the white media hopes people will see this as the end of the police racial violence issue and go back to business as usual.
We must ensure that doesn't happen!

Chauvin Verdict: Guilty! White Supremacy Sacrifices A Pawn - YouTube

With the national and global attention on this case Derek Chauvin was worth more to white in prison than free. But the white media hopes people will see this...

When do we talk about the anti-blackness we show to specifically Black women about their small business? Calvin Klein sweaters (i think I spelled his name right😭) is not better material. You are paying for the brand, otherwise it would be $10 - $20 like any other sweater. Seeing y'all complain about purchasing an item you dont have to buy on someones small business account is real funny acting. How is a $40 bonnet made by a Black women "too much" but buying a sweater that has CK intitals for $60 isnt?

STAY OUT OF ASIAN BUSINESSES ... or go to jail!!!


4-10-2021: The New Dred Scott Era - YouTube

America has now declared Black people have no rights that society is obligated to observe. TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our CashApp:...

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