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White and Asian companies have a lock on the black hair market yet the don't use ANY of the products. This is as ridiculous as dark skinned black people having a lock on suntan lotion distribution. By buying black we can put every non black owner of black hair products out of business. I would gladly pay a monthly fee to support access to black owned products to out community. Put the oppressors out of business.#blackhair #buyblack #blackbusiness #BlackOwnedBusiness #blackgirlmagic #blackwomen #blackentrepreneurs #supportsmallbusiness #BlackExcellence #blackbusinessowner #blackfashion

Hi. My name is Natalie and I make jewelry that wows people. A lot of people think that Pandora's charms have real gemstones and are NOT plated, but that's not true. Also, they did not invent that style of bracelets. (The style is known as "European Style Charm Bracelets.") They simply put them on the map by charging outrageous prices for the same charms that I have access to across the pond. When I saw how high they were charging, I wanted to give my people a better alternative. Check out my Facebook business page when you get a chance or take a look at the bracelets below! Comment under any o

Black IZ Beautiful

Black IZ Beautiful offers a platform of business and networking opportunities for individuals and small businesses to expand and grow. Video, audio streaming, music, web design and hosting, email marketing programs and more;

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I am not even sure if it's a TRUST Issue or a ENVY ISSUE i understand when white folks reject me mainly hate but my own it be like how did you get that type job or how did you obtain the knowledge to do that because mainly white people do what you do...smh there is a ton of well educated Blacks in technology and own businesses....WAKE UP MY PEOPLE SLAVERY HAS BEEN OVER...LETS GOOOOOOO

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I feel you and I am a black businessman I consult for network engineering and in addition provide service to some larger corporations. I love working for self I have taught my son the business and he owns his own company. I have found not all blacks are cheering for me and a lot of times they are the main ones deny my contracts but, I been going strong over 20 years so i brish ot off and keep pushing. We can not achieve people in Power until we give power to the people.

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I fully agree with you Crime/enslavement stories seem to get the most funding in movies/series while in the news our trauma is displayed most during election years to sway voters. Thats why I think its so important that we create our own production companies to control the narrative. I would really like to see someone like spike lee recreate something like the spook who sat at the door for current times or jordan peele make something about mansa Musa. Also on the news front its why I focus more on sharing black owned businesses/organisations more than anything because money talks

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Say it again! So many times I've observed Black Owned Businesses across the street from even a fast food corporate chain not owned by Blacks and the line is out on the street to get into the fast food while the parking lot is empty for the Black Owned Businesses. In some case, I've even watched as these businesses went out of business. My family and I have frequented these businesses and know that the quality and tast of the food is much better with very reasonable prices. We just luv massa & hate our own people. SMH.

Sense of Serenity, LLC is a small family owned business. I started this business because I saw that a path needed to be created to establish generational stability in my family. I am a first generation business owner and my children assist me in making quality, all natural products at affordable prices.

As a mom of five I definitely understand the struggle and know how important it is to be able to still enjoy the small things in life, like a smell or self care.

Sense of Serenity, your all natural care hub✨

predator: a person, group or business that ruthlessly exploits, victimizes, or preys on others #definition

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You make a vaild point but if you look at words of affirmation such as Black Power, Black is Beautiful, I'm Black and i'm Proud's necessary. White cluture and white owned businesses don't need to utilize these things because it's already inferred in a european dominant society.

As black individuals, we need to push our enery to the Black direction, regardless of what name we choose for our business.

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I don't eat nothing I can't read and pronounce...I try and support Black owned businesses however where I live they just don't want to play fair.

support black owned... Supporting black is not the problem, so you support a black business.. he puts food on the table... what food is he putting on the table how far does this black pound go? once the person you support gets paid are their looking at their suppliers, are they re investing, are they buy from their own black people.. probably not, they be spending money on nikey, maccy, kfc, gucci, all the money that drains our community so the circulation does not actually mean anything... but hold on... some people will make a lot of money out of it

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