The fact that Tobe Nwigwe song Fye Fye isnt already the summers anthem concerns me!! The beat?? the bars?? the black excellence??...its not a harder song out right now. period.

Im about to get tatted asap last nite after work the artist was inexperienced so I had to pass on him. Gearing up for the music videos here in Phoenix for the summer. #RiseOfDaPhoenix

I'm back?. School is kicking my butt?. But I will ace these summer class ?. ? don't ask about the last 2 semesters ? they were not pretty I'm on probation?.

If you're in BLK L.A. tap in w the #NAPP *BLOODLESS SUMMER INITIATIVE*
Issa whole ??ovement?????

In response Joiemerald Jade to her Publication

I remember about a year ago last summer when "The Me Too Movement" was at its onset and I was talking to a much younger man and telling him what I wanted and he quipped in anger at me and said "It's all about you women!" I was like completely floored by his anger and resentment that I was asking for what I wanted and needed!

Men are MAD AS HELL that things are a CHANGIN' for the better and balance is replacing "IT'S A MAN'S WORLD!" Which is UTTER INSANITY AND COMPLETE MADNESS!

I was like "WOW!" I quipped back, no this is about "men abusing these white women in the entertainment industry!

Afrikans in America cant even peacefully protest without white militia groups undermining the message. Summer 2020's looting and burning of buildings was not done by TRUE activists.

But its all about how the media portrays it to the public.

“It is still one of the tragedies of human history that the children of darkness are frequently more determined and zealous than the children of light” - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Not in this house.

Shutting down the constant victimization of Black lives through excessive trauma bonding with no solutions. We see it every summer and while it's important to be aware, it's even greater when we’re active. Summer's coming & as the old world is being pushed into the darkness, the need to harvest energy is at an all-time high for the sake of survival. #ByAnyMeansNecessary Starve the ene

Goodmorning family! ??

I'm staying my Black ass in the gahdamn house this Summer. Seems like there's a police ahooting every other day.

You can't do anything at all while being Black.

??? Ya Allah may this Summer be peaceful and not a humid mess, Ameen ??.

Livin' in the Midwest be like:

Hello Everyone! The first part of my summer swim line has dropped. Stop by and check it out! More to come soon!!!! These are all original designs by me! I wanted them to be cute but simple!
Do you or anyone you know want to have your own shirt designed. Let me know at

Ian lettin not nan skinny nigha outdo me this summer.. Pretty bitches luhh that li'belly???


My siblings and I are starting an annual Summer trip, just the 6 of us. This should be fun ????!!!

Im taking at least 2-3 vacations this Summer! One fasho gone be when this semester is ova next month. I was supposed to do all dis shit later year. ?

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