This year's winner is Payton McDaniel!
She is the special nominee of Courtney who says
"She is very quiet, and has quite the imagination for art."
I can't wait to start designing this backpack for her! Remember to always#haveanartful
Tag a friend and you'll get a discount code to use on a purchase from now until October 31 2021 11:00 PM!
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Good Morning BLKEM.COM!
I hope all is well with your family and that this holiday season still brings you joy in spite of everything we have experienced as a country and as a collective of strivers.
Below I have included a website in regards to information about a quickstart kit giveaway by Government Contracts Association.

hi there youtube land! this is a different sort of video. i'm looking for the creatives and business people who sell non clothing goth stuff. are you shades of black and brown and sell pins/accessories/mugs/stickers/art/jewelry/odds and ends and have a link(be it etsy/shopify/your own website/facebook page/etc)?

comment below so i can create a list/save your stuff to support you so i can build a giveaway for my channel!!

Thanks for watching, and commenting, and liking!

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