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Afribean Newsletter is here, with:

- FIXT festival, Virtual Careers Fair (6th-7th of March)
- Queens Project UK (7th of March)
- Monika Ribeiro - helping you with your book
- Divine Legacy Publishing, LLC - helping you self publishing
- Sherley ou BAB - Artist from French Guiana
- Nzaou Robert - Congolese Photographer
- Favourite Things UK
- JumpJack Consulting - putting the passion back into healthcare
- Cassis Creative - Mother's Day gifts
- Books:
-- Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi Children of Blood and Bone (Leg

If you want to support a black author, I'm posting my book as a weekly newsletter to generate revenue. I'm a nonbinary person, unemployed by the pandemic. I'm also a stage musician, though I play a wind instrument so public shows aren't open to me yet. The first 4 letters are already posted, and the monthly subscription is $7/month, $70/year. Because of the length of my project, this may end up being multiple physical books. There are 10 multicultural queer main characters and mythical creatures.

Submit your business in the comment for consideration in our Newsletter tomorrow#blackowned


Happy Birthday to my own damn self. I'm 49 and owning it. I earned every single year.🥳 Help me celebrate by shopping my mother-daughter business: We recently got a shout-out in O Magazine's newsletter. 😁

BOB of the month- Simoné Elena Kitchen + Dining

AFRIBEAN January newsletter is now here!
Events, Networking,#blackowned businesses, Artists ... Feel the LOVE in one click ❤️

- Historian David Olusoga today on a webinar!
- Xpozure ltd build your marketing one tutorial at a time
- Ghana Fresh from farmers/producers to consumers
- The Garvey Village Social community centre
- Cameron T. Wilson artist no. 1
- Phyllisia Ross merchandises and beauty products


Discover great new books and a wonderful new film in AALBC current newsletter:

Replied to Tiffani felder's Post

Hi Tiffany, I too am a small business owner. Remember, people who don't understand what you need generally aren't trying to go in the direction that you are going! Stay focused! My wife just checked out your website & subscribed to your newsletter. She loves candles.

Replied to Kay Jackson's Post

Then you missed ALL the posts I made relating to this exact issue.
Here are just a few of them.

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Rebuidling Black Wall Street

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