To do this we must set up some type of organization/Institution. For example the Anti-Defamation League tracks hate speech against Jews and minority groups, and the Poverty Law Center also tracks hate groups. We need an institution who will track and monitor statistics in every major area of life Education, weall, poverty and Etc.

This year's winner is Payton McDaniel!
She is the special nominee of Courtney who says
"She is very quiet, and has quite the imagination for art."
I can't wait to start designing this backpack for her! Remember to always#haveanartful
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"All the education in the world

is not going to help you

if you're too scared to use it." #quotes

I never posted this one on here. Please spread the word! This is something I feel strongly about! Go to the scholarship page. Nominate someone for a FREE BACKPACK! Yes completely free! The deadline is July 1st. Literally anyone you know that needs a backpack, students (college and grade school), businesspersons, anyone who uses a backpack! Simply nominate them or yourself! Thank you! Please share#education #backpack #freebackpack #nominate #designerbackpack #blackowned #school #business #spartbytierra #haveanartfulday

Replied to Jasmine Love's Post

what kind of reading? educational or leisure?

Sometimes the key is SEGREGATION with a RE-EDUCATION. # you wont live in the world once you discover the world that lives in you.

hey@Blkem family✨🌬

i know we're all on a mission to help our fav app pop off and create a productive educational platform.... trusst im here for it .! but overstand some of yall are "human" & some have a Sense of HUMOR.!.!.

✨Dont forget to LAUGH today🌬𓂀𓆙 spread LOVE & LAUGHTER✨

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This in-fact, were part of being conditioned just enough so that we can see past these opportunities and discount ourselves out by saying "It's for white people". 

Do not limit your investment to only stocks, because it's temporary but DO invest in every logical avenue you can. Whether it be crypto currencies, bonds, tangible stocks and more. 

While you're investing in capital gains, don't for one minute, lack investment in family, education, community, vocational skills, farming etc..because these are indeed..long-lasting. 

Replied to unchained tiger's Post

You're SO RIGHT!!! There are SO MANY adjectives that can be added to this list!!! I just STARTED IT OFF!!!!

I've come to learn in the last 10-15 years that "IGNORANCE" TRUMPS ALL AND EVERYTHING!!! EVEN AND MOST CERTAINLY, EDUCATION!!!!

We've ALL heard of "the EDUCATED FOOL!!!!" And this AIN'T NO LIE/JOKE!!!!!!

A person's socioeconomic, educational level and/or background are of NO IMPORTANCE when it comes to IGNORANCE!!!


Replied to unchained tiger's Post

And by taking power away from the powerful BEGINS WITH US, OUR ACTIONS AND OUR ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!

This can be gained through EDUCATION, AWARENESS, etc..............

This is just like putting one foot in front of the other!!!!!!!!!

Watch the whole video and check out their socials and you'll discover that#vitaelondon are really helping to create the change we want to see more of in the world.

"Vitae London’s goal is to combine classic and beautiful design with social justice. Their stylish watches don’t break the bank, but each one sold makes a huge difference to children in Africa whose limited access to school uniform and other basic equipment is an obstacle to enriching their experience in education."

Brand story:
#blackowned #SocialJustice #watch #jewellery

thinking about white washed history still being taught in schools and how Black historians and historians of color should get together and rewrite history books so the kids can stop being cheated out of a true education

Replied to Mario ً ً's Post

Investing in the same things these colonizers invest in...real estate, land, prominent businesses, education etc..
We can go on and on but it will be a more indepth discussion for another time.

Most importantly, invest in yourself.

#OxfordAmerican "...we will have many choices to make regarding economic development, politics, education, and our places of worship. Our traditional INSTITUTIONS must accept the double responsibility of educating and psychologically conditioning Blacks to take calculated business risks and compete in areas other than sports and entertainment. Our INSTITUTIONS should help us practice the process of collecting information and assessing it through a set of principles, then making an informed decision, taking a calculated risk. "#PowerNomics #DrClaudAnderson #ReadBeforeYouReach
Liberation through education...


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