I've updated from 15 minutes to a free 30 min consultation! A lot of you have a lot of questions, so I want to make sure I am giving you enough time to discuss your credit issues! If you know someone who needs a free consultation to go over their credit to learn how to improve it, give them my number to schedule a call (561)870-1503

Do you know how much it costs to bury you? Have you made arrangements? Who is paying for your services? Have you priced the plot, the flowers, the casket, the cremation? Are you leaving these responsibilities on someone who can't afford it? Does your family members know the name and policy number of your life insurance provider?

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What we fail to realize is that other cultures and communities are practicing these techniques WITHOUT inclusion.?
They have perfected it but still, without inclusion. ?
We have laid out examples in a few of our previous post. ?
They've been practicing GROUP economics, working with their own, hiring ONLY their own (certain communities) and for the most part, spending between their own.?
It's not a crime to learn from others and take that knowledge back to build your own communities.?

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Good morning ?.... Well its ? in Michigan
but nevertheless everyday we should have
self-care. Sundays I try to make it an
emphasis! What are your self-care goals?