Y’all gotta understand that it is literally their job to write our history books. Therefore it’s their duty to create fake news that’ll get the country riled up so our children & childrens children have something new to learn about in school. Our kids can’t learn about Jim Crow & emancipation forever lol. They need new events to record in history

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Has happened to me one too many times. Ego prevents men from showing their vulnerable side until it’s too late

Furthermore, John King has no prior basis in corporate politics, he was a teacher, a principal, the secretary of education under Obama.

His kids go to public school, the events he attends aren't funded by major corporate donors. He's actually a man of the ppl bc he IS the ppl

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I think that's a good thing that prevents shadow banning of sorts. I'm looking forward to learning here, and engaging with our folks.

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I’m so sorry😞😞 sending healing & positive energy your way.. crazy how traumatic events expose the worse in ppl

punk black decided to join in on the fun of black goth appreciation day! let's see how year two of this awesome celebratory day is expanding! this was all started from content creator and fellow black goth dining with dana and from there us content creators are spreading the good word around! the goth life is making events in our community a consistent part of your calendar!

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cash app, $jessinking1
Paypal, jessinking1@gmail.com or paypal.me/jessinking

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email us and we will add you to the volunteer list that gets all the updates about events. neweradmv@gmail.com

Trash pick up today at the Anacostia River?Been tryna find some of these events in the urban communities but no luck

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I'm in DC right now!????? yall have any events this week?

https://youtu.be/-Cx8uGiuF... Join the live discussion in the chat about current events with the panel. ??????

Black owned social media platform. Crazy features, from buying tickets to your favourite events to sharing photos, videos and live locations of where you are to your friends to posting events yourself and having people buy tickets.

Check it out on playstore - http://tiny.cc/littlegig

Link also in bio.

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" many seem to forget to include: The abolition of slavery in the Americas and other places is owed to the economy and not the morality [..]The slave system was increasingly inefficient and unproductive as noted by the economist Adam Smith." Tidiane N'diaye.

"The difference today is that we have the comfort of working in a postcolonial world and economic and cultural interdependence, where the movement of people, ideas, and discoveries in real time, prevents falsification of the history of other. " Tidiane N'diaye.
Read about the Arab slave trade :

yall notice at least 3-4 Bazaar & wild events takes place EVERYYDAY,!!!!! ?

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