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BOB of the month- Simoné Elena Kitchen + Dining

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- Historian David Olusoga today on a webinar!
- Xpozure ltd build your marketing one tutorial at a time
- Ghana Fresh from farmers/producers to consumers
- The Garvey Village Social community centre
- Cameron T. Wilson artist no. 1
- Phyllisia Ross merchandises and beauty products


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EXCERPT 1: Good-Normal

I saw a post a few days ago where someone said that they “will be so glad when things return to normal”. I mean, on the surface I understand that this statement was meant to imply that, with society in such a volatile state, and all of the many unsettling events over the last year, it’ll be nice to relegate those things to the past.

But for me, it hit different this time...

#blkem, the place where I don't have to worry about rushing to put out content that's not authentic to my brand for likes and views. I deal with history and sometimes current events, but if I can't back it up with research (which takes time), you won't see or hear it from me. Fake news is real and clout is too. #blackowned#BlackScholarsMatter

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do you have too many events to pick from and don't know how? Want to start or get back into supporting your local goth scene and promoters/event planers but overwhelmed with how to start? Running yourself into the literal grave and need a reminder talk?

I wanted to do this to remind myself and others how to manage a lot of events. not just for goth can apply to any flourishing scene out there.

Shout out to Youtuber Posie( for giving me the t about the new dive bar in our area.

Replied to Nigma Don's Post

This is the truth indeed. That's the problem in this country. The truth is always swept under the rug. The assignment images was taken out of context. I agree teachers should be able to teach students about factual events. It's hard to say how to regulate it.

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