Slavery, Masters and Servants in the Bible

In today's context, when people think of master and slave, they think white man with a whip beating an African against a tree, raping a Black woman at their pleasure, and buying and selling people like livestock. Unfortunately, this was a reality during the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade at the founding of America. But none of these things were done in the Bible even in the most rigorous times of bondage. No where in the Bible does it say that slaves were beaten with whips, murdered by the millions or raped, burned alive or hung from trees.

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In a world full of misinformation and confusion, we like to ask questions first. Especially with topics as sensitive as this. No major outlet has talked about it and it continues to show the disparity in how the league and women’s sports are viewed.
These large platforms have easy and instant access to confirm, deny, or investigate. And that’s how we plan to use our platform.
But they’re silent and aside from us, there are people who are actually concerned. We’re here to deliver, and just like everyone else.#WeJustWantTheFacts #ReadBeforeYouReach
#CappiePondexter #ChicagoLegend #WNBALege

"manifest destiny is a sickness

it's based upon this idea

that might makes right

it's based upon the idea

that I can take what I like" #quote

Kaleikoa Ka'eo

Y'all will never understand why er are like we are unless you learn what has happened to us.
Not playing the race card, folks. I'm talking to those 20 somethings out there who don't know and don't want to know.

here we are, a catch up of fully what happened to my with my physical and mental disabilities in fall of 2019. grab a snack, get your chores or hair ready, it's another long one. those out there in youtube land who are also disabled lets kiki about it in the comments section, are you experiencing similar things in the u.s. healthcare system like i am? the goth life includes learning to be comfortable being a person outside of societies norms and being disabled puts you in that position.

chai tea decreases high blood sugar. Recipe simmer 1 1/2 water with cloves, nutmeg grated, cinnamon sticks peppercorn bayleaves some ginger crush or grated, some star aniseed, strain, then add one black tea teabag add milk and if you like a little honey

"Whatever we get they will take away

just like they've taken our land and our children

if we know that

we will strategize better

and we will also prevent the violence of disappointment

and the betrayal that hope has done to us" #quotes

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Move how you would move if the whole Race was depending on you because when we dont they (even the people who look like you but are not like you) gone make sure it count against us all.

verb based languages shielded speakers from concepts of mass delusion

Indigenous people do not have a history

of mass psychosis resulting in mass actrocities

like the inquisition, witch burnings and genocide

Dream Land: Little Rock's West 9th Street via@YouTube history has repeated itself over and over again in America dealing with racism white supremacy. Little has changed. This is what a race war looks like...

Dream Land: Little Rock's West 9th Street - YouTube

Little Rock, Arkansas's, West 9th Street was once a vibrant, African-American business and entertainment district. Taborian Hall is the only remaining histor...

in this episode of my music that gets me through series we're going to go over some amazing songs from singer songwriter sharon van etten. and as with everyone in this series, her work isn't in the goth subgenre of music. however, she does go over darkly inclined topics and feelings. hopefully you can find the same comfort feeling of being understood and that you're in a safe space like i do when i hear her voice. the goth life is learning how to deal with dark emotions as well.

So I watch between ten and fifteen baseball games per week and I'm always checking out the hotties in shorts and halter that fill the ballparks every day.
I got to wondering, why do I NEVER see BLACK women showing their stuff at the ballpark.

I see plenty of Latina and White women but very few Black ones.
Don't Black women like baseball?

You cant just look for people who look like you. Look for ENERGIES that match your ENERGY. #Looks can be deceiving.

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