“Because I love you, I’m going to change” needs to be the mantra for our folks. It’s too much “love” without changed behavior going around. Fake love vs real love

I’m reallllyy contemplating getting locs, but I feel like I’m going to miss my hair😭

That too⭐️

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

I don’t think it has to be going to IKEA. Get some wood and tools and, if need be, learn to build it together. I’m more technical than handy, but give me a rash or let’s share one. I’d cherish the time together. 🤷🏾‍♂️

If you can’t even see yourself coparenting with a person why allow them to put their seed in you?

Everyone’s (choosing) to be upset when life literally goes on. If anything this should encourage us to choose our partners more wisely & not let just anyone in our temple🤷🏾‍♀️

Y’all gotta understand that it is literally their job to write our history books. Therefore it’s their duty to create fake news that’ll get the country riled up so our children & childrens children have something new to learn about in school. Our kids can’t learn about Jim Crow & emancipation forever lol. They need new events to record in history

Whatever’s going on in this matrix don’t apply to me. Y’all stay dangerous tho

Quality time is going to IKEA with your man then coming home and fixing stuff together ✨

Dudes don’t even try to put shelves together anymore cause they on tik tok dancing to “aye bay bay”

Stop giving ass to pretty boyz & hood niggas who can’t even build shxt

& I can guarantee you that man’s mother was not twerking & exposing him to toxic things as a child. WE determine the outcome of our children who will one day be adults. Can’t expect a pool of great men/women if we’re raising them the complete opposite..

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

You know, its crazy but I was just at dollar general and this black couple were so IN LOVE and you could tell. the man was hugging all over his lady the whole time they were shopping, he was singing to her, and even told everyone in the store that she was the love of his lfie

Just simply start by asking yourself “ what can I do to lessen the chances of my son being like the men I despise?” “What can I do to help my son view women as Queens that deserve Love security & protection?” Cause I can tell you rn twerking & doing ignant things around him is not going to do that.

If there was a nicer way to say it I’d say it, but I’m honestly tired of us😞

Y’all keep using “environment” as an excuse like y’all don’t got a brain.

Idgaf what hood you from, you should know what’s conducive & NOT conducive to your child’s growth & wellbeing

& if you see their videos, jaydas son is such a sweet, smart innocent little boy who’s probably going to slip between the cracks bc the parent wanna act ignant in front of him. He wanna be a kid so bad but the parent wanna talk to him like a homie & shake ass in his face…wtf we be on??? Why is learning from past mistakes so hard for us?? If every generation we got something bad to say about the men & women, then more than likely it’s the PARENT that’s doing something wrong

I’m sick of this planet and our refusal to be the Change. Repeating the same ole shxt expecting different results…it’s weird

Boys out here getting molested young, introduced to sex, half naked women, gangsta rappers, violence etc & we wonder whyyy some of them grow up into becoming perverts or hyper sexual & only seeing women as meat. It is not THEIR fault it’s YOURS as a mf parent that won’t allow your kid to be a kid. Women be hating perverts but grooming their kids to be just THAT. How you expect a kid to be wholesome when you putting ass in his face???

This shxt so disturbing to me…
How do you introduce this type of stuff to your sons & expect them to grow up being well rounded, respectable, sincere, genuine, protective men that Love women??? Crying about getting played by dudes & how there’s no good men when you’re putting your own kids on the track to being JUST like that. There’s no good men/women bc there’s no good PARENTS. What don’t we get about healthy parenting???

Study your persons zodiac sign to work with them not against them. To gain a better understanding of who they are✨

God is the Greatest
God is Love
Love is God
Love Wins. Every time


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Stop agreeing with things you don’t actually resonate with just bc you like who it’s coming from. These gurus and self help ppl are not always right. It’s ok to disagree even if you respect them. Nobody’s 100% right all the time

When most of your interactions with a person have been transactional & ego based but they’re preaching about having “genuine, non transactional relationships with others”.