I think I’ve mastered my short temper & self control this full moon🥳👏🏾 Cause normally that would’ve bothered me lmao

You’re not scared bc it’s a scary world we live in, you’re scared bc you watch the news at 10pm every night…

Pastor Mike Todd is sooooo wrong for that clip🤢 . The devil really be having dominion over folks

If you care for Him or Her, pray over them. Protect their spirit

MLK shouldn’t have died. Malcom X, Pac, Nipsey, Fred Hampton and all other Nobel Black figures who were assassinated should all be here. Our community needs to do a better job at spiritually and physically protecting ourselves & our ppl- the courageous Ones who choose to lead the pack through truth telling, nation building & activism. If you aren’t putting your life on the line for you & your ppl ,the least u can do is spiritually protect the ones who are since ultimately it’s our liberation they are fighting for

I left the north because of the snow just to come down here & see snow again. Can’t win😂

Everything I didn’t get growing up I want to give to my children.

As much as I want my future daughter to be attached to my hip, I want her to be a daddy’s girl🥺

When you’ve actually been getting confirmation for a long time now but always ignore it…

When you ask for a sign & God gives it but you’re in denial cause you don’t feel ready so you bout to ask God for just a few more months💀

Boy the time I would’ve wasted if I had given certain men the time of my day😮‍💨. Idk how ppl date for play play or bc of “loneliness”

Women be doing the bare minimum too, not just these men

“Break through tough skin with my claws
Ima Wolf bby I’m no dog”

Drakes music is terrible 😢. I feel like his music puts ppl in a trance cause there’s no way the whole world actually likes him..

I’ve come to conclusion that… I don’t wanna work anymore lol. I enjoy my job cause I love kids, but working full time under someone else just doesn’t sit right with me🥴 . I want to be at hommmeee forever, or maybe work my occupation like 10hrs a wk or have 1 client I work with twice a week or sum

Black men who surround themselves with nothing but Yt women look so dumb. If that’s your attraction, good 4 u👍🏾, but if everywhere u go u gotta have a random yt girl by your side, you’re strange asf. Only Black men do that weird weak shxt

One thing about pastors, is they gone have them a beautiful wife all while tryna convince ppl ‘looks don’t matter it’s the heart’. So why y’all never married to unattractive women with good hearts?😩

Spiritual folks too spiritual for me. Religious folks too religious for me. Just out here loving God being the best/realest human I can be

You encourage your girl friends to key their niggas car & damage his things, I encourage them to pray about it or simply fxckin leave & find better. We are not the same 💅🏾