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melanated beings are children of the Sun we thrive in it because our bodies are designed to Receive it...

Ship are designed to transport people or things so your relationShips, friendShips or kinShips should be taking you somewhere or bringing you something.

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we dont need their legislation. it wasnt designed to protect us anyway. the only reason it sometimes works in our favor is cause they have to keep the illusion going to slow us down, the illusion that playing by their rules will benefit us later. it won't.

Y’all like FIREWORKS 🎆 💥🎆💥?!?!?
I love them. I sell them. (It’s actually a GREAT business) If you have any questions let me know. Here’s a video from #NYE I did a 5 INCH(one break) canister shell designed and distributed by a BLACK OWNED Firework Company.

Watching interior design videos😩>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Mobile app revamp is coming along. We appreciate the tenacity and patience for the mobile app lol and will have an update soon.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the app screens

1. Redevelopment and redesign of the explore screen.
2. Onboarding screens after successfully signing up
3. Redesign and revamp of New Post Screen
4. Timeline redesign (Still working on this)
5. Mobile sign in and verification
6. and more updates

#blkem #B1

They want everyone to get the jab because the next virus will be race-based and you must have certain ingredients that are in this vaccine in order for it to take effect. America and China are already working hard on this race-based virus. Well, guess who this is for? This is their final solution to the Black male super predator problem. Pookie and Ray Ray are going to get us all killed!

This year's winner is Payton McDaniel!
She is the special nominee of Courtney who says
"She is very quiet, and has quite the imagination for art."
I can't wait to start designing this backpack for her! Remember to always #haveanartful
Tag a friend and you'll get a discount code to use on a purchase from now until October 31 2021 11:00 PM!
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Black IZ Beautiful

Black IZ Beautiful offers a platform of business and networking opportunities for individuals and small businesses to expand and grow. Video, audio streaming, music, web design and hosting, email marketing programs and more;


In response Qween Jean to her Publication

Things were designed this way its up to us to break generations curses. The more single parent households there are the less kids growing up have a solid representation of a what should be a normal household which is then passed down. This isnt just on men though I think its really important for all of us to to take serious care with who we choose to lay with.

This is who actually runs this country. A wealthy lobbying group that buys your politicians, set wage rates, design the private prisons and protects corrupt cops

ALECs Corporate Funders Are Complicit in State Based Assaults on Voting Rights and Democracy

I don't know exactly how long this group has been active (if it is) or even how long I have been a member but I AM certain that I haven't seen any posts relating to the stated goal of the group, which is to discuss economic issues and ideas relating to the Black community.

Since there is so little traffic I thought I might (again) offer a suggestion to the dozen or so members who, according to statistics and behavioral studies, might be interested in discussion a project designed to build personal wealth of the participants rather than that of all 50,000,000 Blacks in the country.

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