All talk of reparations for the 3 Black folks involved in the Tulsa Massacre is over after an offer of $100,000 to each person was denied by the family.

AS THEY SHOULD!! What the fuck is $100K for a 100 year old MURDER. That clrealy isnt enough.

The family is now asking $50 MILLION, as they should.

I want black people to trust in Science so to acomplish that, I want more black people with science degrees, doing investigation, explaining biological processes to people that don't understand...

I don't like "african" pages that appreciate black women when they post photos naked...
Put pictures of black women accomplish college degrees, being business owners, getting attention by charity.
There's a lot of african women with organizations that help african girls... That's importante, people sexualize us and only see us as sexual beings but we are more than that...
I don't like the sexualization they do around us

I didn't want to say this out of the black community...
But I really don't understand black people that advocate for black love and mock white people 24/7 and then majority of their partners and friends are white people...
Please, don't be a hypocrite

Of course.
Black women are always in the upfront of every battles.
Who is going to defend us? Oh and not only defend black women when it's lightskin.
Darkskin sisters matter too and tend to suffer their battles alone. Watch your sisters.

My question of the day : Do you think it's black men responsibility to protect black women on a collective basis? If yes, why? If no, why?

I said that no conversation changes a racist person and this person said that he was on process of changing racist dad.
He had an opinion that people shouldn't be fired for their racist "opinion" because everyone should had opinion in an democracy.
I was telling racism isn't an opinion, is a crime. Racists aren't racist in part-time so they will harm black people in their work and recrutment.
He said that I didn't want to debate, that I wanted twitter attention lmao.
Some people only want to be against racism until anti-racism measures affects people that they care about.

There are people that are trying to undermine what we stand for. What we stand for is seeing the Black Community prosper.

We already had a few thorns and there may be a few more that's in hiding. We have changed the verification process from (7) days to 24 hours.

Now, any new sign-ups will have 24 hours to send a verification before their timeline is disabled. Once it's disabled, you can still verify or contact The Blkem Support team.

This protects the integrity of the platform so we can work with little to no distractions.


I had to rt cause this actually worked I got all the tedious shit done??

i literally cant sleep bc i know i got stuff to do but when i wake i'm too lazy to do it. And then the cycle continues till it's the deadline

I did that once, never again ????
It went smooth but it was a lot of stress

ill wait till i got about 30 mins left... idky but that shit put my brain in overdrive and ill type a whole 5 page essay and make a smoove 85-96 ???

I am taking Biochemistry and I plan to make cosmetics ?
I want a good life for my parents and build houses in Angola and Guinea-Bissau (Motherland) ??

Goodmorning my black Kings & Queens... Since today the last day of Black History Month, Quote this with any business you have or are planning to start... What you major in if you in college, and what career you want to have for your life ??

The only advantage of not having Clubhouse for Android is not adding one more distraction in my life ?
My people is sleeping at 6 AM because of Clubhouse

Some people on twitter saying " Ohh but a social media only with black people ain't going to end beefs"
Boii, I just don't want to argue with white folks being racist and saying stupid shit about african people ?
Beefs between black people always end in a funny way and ain't that serious

Yess but the problem is if more people join, they will need more time to verify ?

7 days is way too long for a non black person to be on here before their account gets deleted... istg all the trolls are gonna try and raid it ?

I'd like to share facts and pictures about my country #kenya ?? with y'all. Are y'all down for that?

I'll start with this here... It's a piece of art created by a local artist after the 2007 post violence election where the youth were armed by local leaders of different tribes with machetes aka 'pangas' and used them to terrorize rival tribes. It was a trying time in Kenya and we've continually worked to ensure this will never happen again. With upcoming elections in 2022, we hope to stand together as one nation and end divisive politics. If you'd like to know more, like and comment below.

My BLACK OWNED plant-based, organic skincare company. handcrafted out of Atlanta, Check it out! ?

how this app out for like a day and we acting like this a family reunion this is why this app is the best ?

What matters to us, is YOU!!

Thanks for joining this safe space. It's going to get better. We just have to hold it down and support Black Owned.

We need to take back our place in this online arena and on the ground!

#blkem #B1

What matters to you? - YouTube

Blkem is not like any regular ..

In response Jubz ???? to her Publication

The app was a temporary version. We don't recommend using it. The actual mobile app will be coming very soon after beta testing for both iOS and Android.

Yoo they are a lot of americans on this app, send me Lucky Charms, they sell it here for like 8€.
That's too much for a box of cereals

i finna see some seasoned food videos here, i'm traumatized from normal tt and tik tok cause those mf can't cook SHIT