All right I'll say it. Those "Add yours" IG story things are stupid.

Yeah the energy around this has been sooo odd lmao. I'm glad I'm not really active enough on most apps to have come across it.

Also, I would’ve thought Drake would’ve had the girlies in a frenzy but it’s men comparing meats and celebrating a leaked video 🥴

Anyways.... Would you guys like to see my BHM bulletin board if I finish it today? 🫣


Honestly, a phone without features sounds kinda peaceful. I only pay my phone bill to talk to my mama and y’all 😂


In response Alicia 🌹🌹🌹 to her Publication

🤣 🤣 It was a test. What else could it do but pass? You want it to say passed with flying colors? Cause that's exactly what it did. Now we're replacing all of the old bases for free if you email us with your serial number and/or receipt. Apologies for the inconvenience....

Had a huge salad and kale smoothie for lunch today. Feeling like a big strong woman yahhhhh ☺️☺️!

Hellooook, I haven't forgotten 🤭 Block in about an hour ^>^. I miss y'all and I want to talk about Katt.

Most men don't like women, and that's a fact. If they did like women, then their policies wouldn't be to harm women whenever they're in positions of power. Sure some men may like women but that's the exception and not the norm.

Dang I thought I replied to this!!!!!!! How y'all feeling about Friday at 8 EST?? That's 5 for @askalicia 7 for @Draenation ... 1am formarian Or we could do a day thing on Saturday at 4pm EST?

I’m waiting for @Clarene to set up the blocks discussion!

Tall he's right. 6 minutes in, and I'm like HERE WE GOOOOOO

In response Alicia 🌹🌹🌹 to her Publication

Trust me(you don't 😂), just start it. You won't be able to turn it off once Katt get the ball rolling. And he had that shit on fire out the gate. I said goddamn just wait a minute


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Lol imma wait for the others to wake up first

I'm going to watch the Katt Williams interview and WE WILL DISCUSS. 👀


Ive decided to rerun my dating wrapped again for this year 😂😂😂
I did it last year on my IG stories and some of the men I dated were a good sport when they saw it 🤭
So, now it’s time for the 2023 edition 🥳

Y'all, last night I chose to intentionally make time for my Blkem besties and I got to hear all of their sweet voices ☺️. Plus I also found out that today is Drae's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAE HOPE YOUR DAY IS GOING AMAZING ^>^ ). But yeah, v happy


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Wait, you don't like wings? Have you ever had em on a paper plate?

If it's drama you lot want, SAY LESS 😡. @MarianWatsx WHERE IS MY MONEY?????

Good morning cousins,

Although I haven’t been blurting much, I’m still here…lurking like some of y’all
@VadaBee had brought up some good points regarding engagement and interactions on the timeline. We all know that there’s a lack of it even though we have a lot of cousins that’s signed up.

Some cousins had given a few solutions and those were taken into consideration. We have tried different ways to increase engagement but as you see, many don’t care for it. Three years later and it’s the same thing…folks get excited for a hot second, then leave, then forget. Since there’s hardly any drama on here, folks don’t want any part of it.

It’s the same issue that other Black owned networks exclusive to us, experience..even before we launched Blkem. And it’s the issue that many continue to see.

Sooo…we’re going back to the drawing board and revisit some of the points made by some of you. We’re also going to look at alternatives.

Exclusivity should increase interactions but when you have many that don’t care for it or they would be involved, then we have to figure out if we’ll be able to continue this trend for another 3 years.

Compromising is not the goal so if anyone have some unorthodox solutions, send me a DM.


YES 😡😡😡😭


Does anyone else notifications just say Blkem replied to bluet or liked blurt instead of the actual persons name?

Or is that just mine now

This made me so happy to read. Proud of youuu 🥹🥹🥹.

My greatest accomplishment in life is raising my kids to be good humans and watching them grow is fun and amazing! I don’t know how these males (not gonna call them men) can go days even months without seeing their kids?!

Sameeee :(

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