Pretty much yeahhhhh. Got Lotsa deadlines this week :(

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Aka…social media needs to hold up…let me get my life together and wait for my return

Hello ☺️. I've been busy finding me and working and whatnot. I'm ready for it to be June😌.

Aweeeee I come back to this?!😭

I love that the women here are of the same mindset. May you all continue to flourish in all your respective relationships (platonic/romantic/all) ❤️

WHY 😡. Are you scared?? Scared that we'll judge your PURSE? 😡

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i just dont see dat happening 😭

Lmao I need an astrology person to come explain this to me 😭😭😭

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… all of which I’m probably sitting out, especially since I’ve been waiting until Mercury collects its wage to flame almost every I know.

Also, good morning to everyone ☺️☺️, but GREAT morning to the person who prepared my Starbucks drink order because WHAAAAT?! Phenomenal.

This ... is not just a song. This is a PRODUCTION. Over 5 minutes of pure genius. From the intro to the ad-libs to the beat! The listener is taken on a true journey where they are faced with profound introspection, raw honesty, and a brazen talent.

Whew. All some people have to offer is their sex and their money and it's very sad and mediocre.


Stop disturbing human beings if you are not ready .

I cried like a baby during this episode 😭😭😭

Speaking on the topic of weddings, I just wanna take a second to acknowledge how unrealistic the wedding episode in A Different World was. Byron was supposed to have security ready to stop Dwayne on sight 😭

The gasp I gosspt 😭😭😭

Because hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids…

I thought I was seeing things 😭. UNC come see this! *Throws up hat*

So, when yall are scrolling on your tl is it like glitchin or is that just my janky ass connection?
Like.... the jumpin oe jerkin to the top of the tl

YESSSZ I've seen this (because I peep everything 😌) and it's DISGUSTING 😭. Very unattractive, very middle school 🤧.

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Wait. Men do this? I’ve only heard of the male friend being EXTRA funny when a woman comes around
@Clarene @MarianWatsx @VadaBee

This. Like why you being weirdddddd. Then they'll say that other women don't like them because of jealousy 🌚.

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It’s so nasty! I proper hate a girl who’s not a girls girl!


Hello, Christ? My jeans don't fit again.
They got me jumpin up and down when I try to get in em

These people are terrifying.

Yall, look at this shit! This is why I dont give my number out. 😅🙃😂 this is not normal bc what the entire fuck.


(All jokes, but I. Am. SCREAMING)

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Don’t do that! It’s not fair to create another child in poverty. Get a career. Get your best life.


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Lmao. I read like this like you were speaking into a walkie talkie 😂 “we’ve got a code fuck nigga on our hands. I repeat: code fuck nigga”😂😭

So you're saying that I should join the "Are We Dating the Same Man?" FB group then 🌚🌚🌚

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Omg I love messy FB / I joined a group called Mama Drama and it’s crazy!


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🤣 🤣 You think he laid that outfit on the bed the night before and slept around it?

😭😭😭😭 Why

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You want suggestions? Stop putting on one sock, one shoe, then another sock and another shoe. Change the batteries in that beeping ass smoke detector. I'm playin, I gotchu. I'm putting the feedback into words then ima send it to you Unc.

ACTUALLY ENOUGH. Imma hop on blocks in about an hour to tinker around on there. Y'all can join if you want to 😂😭.

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🤣🤣 I don’t blame you!! I’m still waiting on feedbacks and suggestions

I'm tired of broken promises unc 😭. I'm scared to say yes.