3 Ks huh. Damn. That's crazy 😮‍💨😒.

Yall I met a yt person with a black name....Katrikka ....

I just stated the other day...lmao


I humbly submit the following from Oct ‘20 to the slam 🎤🫰🏾🫰🏾🫰🏾 #blkempoetryslam

Y'all cover Drae in love in prayers during this time. This life makes no sense. #RIHElijah

Aight this one might look better 🤞

NO FORREAL. @amani You alright? You haven't blurred anything else since that. Did the jelly beans take you out ma'am?

I’m sorry, whet?

Was it really that messy? I was here, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention lol.

When #BlkemBaeDraft first hit the streets mfs lost they damn minds😭💯 It was sooooo messyyyy girl I was here for all the tea 😂😂

I'll never talk to men online again.

In response Ari ..... to her Publication

Honestly after a few mishaps on Hinge with the men, I’ve decided to go back to the old fashioned method and meet people outside. These apps bring out all sorts of crazies! 😭

Look what Drae done did. Smh.

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

Unlessssss….you want us to get rid of the public timeline?!? 👀

Good morning 👀.... This look sketchy to y'all? 😭🥺WATCHU WANT MY PHONE NUMBER FOR GIRLLLL ION EEN KNOW YOUUU 😭.

I am now very distrusting of the BumbleBFF gworls 🤔.

Me trying to convince my friend to watch Tubi movies with me is ridiculous considering this mf made me watch Beastars or whatever it's called with him and I didn't complain or ACCUSE HIM OF BEING A FURRY NOT ONCE 😡🙄😭.

Speaking of besties- I now have another BumbleBFF friend date scheduled. We're going to a hockey game 🤭!

Loool you'll always be my #Blkembestie , but I need to prepare for the rapture and have irl besties too 🤗💕💕.

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

wowwwwwwwwweewww @Clarene and you conveniently posted when I wasn’t looking?????

Lovely 💕💕

I’m in a way better space than I was at the end of last year.


Self-conscious as fuck but here goes..

LMAOOOOOOOOO. The holler I just let out 😭.

In response J. C. Bailey to his Publication

That man y’all call Unc 😒 updated the app and wouldn’t allow me to post anymore

You've not lived until a 4 year old is tearfully shouting "How dare you 😠" at you because you're refusing to let him crawl into your sweater because he wants to be a "pretend octopus".

Has anyone bought those $80 tights from sheertex? If I buy a pair, do you think they'll stop bombarding me with ads 😭?


Hey y’all. 🙋🏾‍♀️Did y’all miss me?
I’ve been MIA because of my health. Mainly because of my eyes.. Being that I already have MEWDS in my left eye, I have been straining my right eye to see so for now on I have to wear glasses.. Hopefully they help. I feel very self-conscious.🤓

Follow harrrr 💕💕

😩 I’m just trying get my followers up & be up there with the rest of y’all.

Good morning ☺️. Today is a good day to enjoy quiet moments. There is beauty in quiet, and not all quiet places need to be filled with noise. Quiet is peaceful. Quiet is refreshing. It is truthful. It is sexy. It is important. Sometimes it pays to just be quiet.

Somedays it really is best to say fck everyone and go to sleep.

Happy belated birthday lovely!!! Wishing you all the best ☺️🥳.

28th Birthday was yesterday 😊
Another year of blessings coming my way !