Marian Watson


🇬🇧🇩🇯 | LDN | based on a true story 🤍


I’ve been inspired. I’m going back blonde in two weeks

Guys, I’m a delusional mare!
I’ve given into someone and I know I’ll regret it all again but rn I’m in love 🤭

3hrs later and all I need now is a trim and blowout.
Transformation complete! 😭

Finally off to get this mop on my head sorted! I’ve got the work phone, laptop and coffee in tow! 😂

God’s favourite are those that got to see Beyoncé, Usher, Cleo, Ari, SZA live this year. I don’t make the rules!

Oh wait, that’s me! 🫣

It’s horrendous!

this baby getting killed in Croydon is absolutely horrific. That lady would have to hide her son….swear fo God!

I haven’t started on the baking yet but I’ve made dinner because why not? We’ve got garlic/herb chargrilled chicken thighs, spicy honey glazed carrots, saffron rice and a simple salad with avo and beets.
I don’t know if I have energy to bake! 😩

Do I start with an apple crumble cake or the lotus biscoff brownie cheesecake or the crumbl cookies with marshmallow/choc/pretzels and sea salt? I’m tempted to do them all!

I’m in a baking mood. Not even because I want to eat it but purely because I find it therapeutic and I want to try new recipes. I just don’t want a million baked goods in the kitchen though 😩

My current one is too! The previous one was so cute! I loved flashing that photo about 😂

My passport photo was hideous

Heading in office tomorrow - might do a little vlog on the ‘gram.
People are always asking what I do 😂

You’re going to get your arse beat and I for one, I’m here for it.
You clearly don’t take heed when you’ve been warned, so in the words of my beloved mother - those who don’t hear, they must feel.
Trust me when I say, I’ll be there to laugh and 🍿

There’s an American TikToker that lives in London.
What he fails to comprehend is that London’s black scene is very small and it will NOT end nicely for him. Aggravating a whole black community and spewing nonstop racists, ignorant comments? ..1/2..

Also, big up one time to @dzedej for securing her big girl job! I’m so proud of you and all that you have achieved! Congrats again babe! 🥰🥳🥳

I love that the women here are of the same mindset. May you all continue to flourish in all your respective relationships (platonic/romantic/all) ❤️

Morning All! Question:
Can your friend(s) “check” you?
I’ve just had a convo with a mutual friend about this topic and she’s got her knickers in a twist! 😂
So I want to know, can your friend(s) check you?

I was just about to ask when you’d post this one but you did! 😂😂

A lil wholesome twerk for the timeline

T-minus 12 days and I’ll be screaming for him too! 😭

Watching my friends story of her in Paris to see Usher has me excited for my turn!

I’m so jealous overall and demand a refund from Beyoncé/Parkwood for giving me the bare minimum in London 😭😭😭

I'm so jealous that Beyonce brought Meagan out for Houston, but I'm loving the videos 🥹🫶🏾✨.

Ok appointment is booked and I’m excited to see how this new colour/look turns out! 🫣

Aww this is going to be so amazing!

Usher will be at the halftime show of the superbowl


Y’all…I was gonna come in here a post a lil pre wedding pic but I gotta plead my case! Because @MarianWatsx is accusing me of war crimes. Im INNOCENT!😇

Cleo Sol giving us 2 albums in the space of 2wks is all we need to get through winter.

I’ve been having such shitty moments with life these past two weeks and look what my mate (all the way from Canada) did - I could cry!

To the babes, what’s your favourite autumnal perfumes? It’s time to switch up my seasonal scent and I need recs please!