Marian Watson


🇬🇧🇩🇯 | LDN | based on a true story 🤍 *FREE PALESTINE*

I don’t know how you parents do it!? Having and raising kids is NOT for the faint hearted! 😩

Ok one of them is up but she’s the nicer one of the two! 😭😭😭 It’s Amayah who’s the rugrat we all fear. I’m forcing her up! 😩

Strawberry Swings or Godspeed - depending on mood.

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Guys, the toddlers are asleep! This naptime is running a little longer than I expected it too.
It’s 16:40pm and bath time is 19:00pm, following bed time at 20:00pm. Would it be evil if I just woke them up now? Aunty does not need any kiddies up later

I’m sharing my bed with 2 under 3. That means it’s a wrap for my sleep and weekend 🥲

Anyways, just going to start @‘ing you lot when you do this. Let’s make me it interesting - machine for machine 🫠

The thing is, some of you aren’t doing it once either. The notifications says otherwise, back to back visits. Are we alright? 😂

Have fun without me 🥲

We doing a block tonite, we telling y’all now so nobody can say they didn’t know

Hiiiiii, question - when you lot “visit my profile” do you find what you’re seeking? Because I find it rude that you’re not following me at the very least after all that! 😕

Right, PayPal? Cashapp? Or do you want my IBAN no for the international bank transfer? 😂😂

A woman who can pronounce "worcestershire" can get my whole social security check 🥴

Anyways, hope you’re all well? This week is kicking my arse! 😭

Hiiiiiii lads, I need help from one of the babes! I need someone with a Target acct to help with an order please! 😭😭😭

Did I miss it?

9:15 join the block if you want the storytime or I’ll just tell Drewski .. I mean Drae lol

Hiiiiii, Friday and all - are we on the Blocks tonight or what? 👀

But also, heavily traumatised by white families on TikTok especially by Josh’s mother. So can someone share their lovely family pics or spread? I want to feel included from London! Cheers 😘

Hiiiii, Happy Turkey Day! Obvs no one outside the US (and Canada) celebrate this day so, don’t say it back because thank you? 😂

06:22am and the intentions was to go gym, sorry but my legs still hurt from yesterday 😭😭😭

I mean, I did say ask me no questions about it but it’s like people don’t understand requests anymore!

Guys, I admitted to buying a man a gift and they started attacking me on that God forsaken app 😭😭😭

Spent the better part of the last hour filling in security clearances forms and my God - they really want to know everything???
Funny thing is, they ask the same question in different formats which throws you off. Like, I already answered please 😭😭