Marian Watson


🇬🇧🇩🇯 | LDN | based on a true story 🤍 *FREE PALESTINE*

Tonight’s look was extra 🤌🏾 - I’m just so bad at capturing pictures beforehand 😩

Real life witnessing one of the most horrendous events in history.

So .. at what time do I come back for these blocks to be active?

Todays been a different kind of active day! How’s getting those rings closed going for you all?

I can’t even begin to describe how mesmerised this babe had me ..

I’ve been having such shitty moments with life these past two weeks and look what my mate (all the way from Canada) did - I could cry!

What’s wrong with him?

Yall, look at this shit! This is why I dont give my number out. 😅🙃😂 this is not normal bc what the entire fuck.

Let me tell you lot something, when black Brits get together - we’re not so far removed from our cousins across the pond! 😂

No one:

Me: *unpauses Hinge to have a look and immediately pauses it again!*