Mrs Grippy


Bellissima, Incantevole, Ipnotizzante, Inamorata 🇻🇮

do you want the text or no?

When I find out somebody been speech-to-text'ing me

Ima start walking with my own wine since folk don’t wanna carry the ones I like in they lil fonky restaurants.

Can’t think of one song for them individually, *their* song was Concentrate On You by LTD. Makes me smile every time I hear it.

What song was your momma/daddy jam back in the day?

Mom: Symphony by The Supremes.

Dad: Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes w. Teddy Pendergrast.

trying to think of an outfit that will go from funeral to dinner and drinks and a show…

Hey so Hi…Gentle Reminder that two things can be true. People not seeing valuable things as such is not the same as what you offer being valuable and ignored. K? K.

Man, I swear I don’t want to be the reason anybody loses their job (especially before the holidays), but this girl at my work is so bad … I don’t know why management has kept her on this long.

Ummm, So my heat is on 75 but my room is still cold. How is this reality?

Man, how about someone from my clinical staff switched off a fuse that turned off my computer… I almost lost all the work I was doing at that time.

Meant to show y’all the ridiculous replacement my Instacart shopper did yesterday … Devontae had me BOILING!

Seriously considering a slice of coconut custard pie right now…

Having cheesecake for breakfast.

If this was any other time, you'd have the right to judge me, but not today.

Periodic reminders to make sure you’re downloading the right version of Silent Night by The Temptations and exfoliate your lips.

Hey y’all, I don’t know if y’all know or not but @MarianWatsx out here liking mens and buying them gifts! 👀

Unka Kenny singing My Absolute Favourite Boyz II Men song … Pen Game LEGENDARY!

I’m DRAGGING! Went to see Unka Kenny and stayed out way too late…

Ladies… if you are looking for a primer that blocks sweat, One/Size is the one for you.