May I Vent


Black women are so resilient, capable and beautiful… I’m glad I’m gang. ✊🏾

Went to breakfast with Trevor ate good just to get home and throw it all up. Those cramps felt unusual. Not only my stomach but my lower back too. I got 4 days left yall pray for me cause I’m scared.

If this cycle is about to be hell, I pray that Jesus is a fence cause lawdddd I was ready to check out today.

Erm .. am I the only one unable to gain access via the app?
When I log back in it says I’m already logged in 😭🥴

earlier I had a episode where I was cramping uncontrollably and throwing up everywhere. pain pills weren’t working at all. I was in so much pain I couldn’t be still. now that I feel better I wonder what I would have done if I was in public experiencing this. 😩😭

her apology was honest and seemed genuine so I don’t hold a grudge against her. we all have insecurities that we battle with and we all sin differently. that’s not somebody I want in my circle tho so there’s that.

I waited before I said anything just to see. she called me like nothing happened talking regular. told me she seen him at the club but left it at that. I had to ask her “what made you suck his dick afterwards?” she denied it just to later admit and apologize. 🚮

one week after I move I get a call saying she sucked him up in the car after they left the club. like wow really?! be a fuckin lady 😭I couldn’t imagine throwing a middle school friendship away just to eat some dick. 🥴

I introduced them right before I moved cause I blended all my friends so I could spend my last couple weeks w everybody. the first day they met I noticed flirtatious activity so I said something. she gaslighted me and said “we’ve been friends since 6th grade how dare you?” 🙄

I still feel like the only reason she did that is because I moved and she knew it wouldn’t be any consequences cause baybehhhh I don’t play when it comes to principle or disrespect.

one of my friends did something foul then tried to justify it with “you give so and so a thousand chances but I’m done after just one mistake.” bitch you sucked my lil yea up ONE week after I moved… yes you’re DONE! 🏌🏾‍♀️😂

I only got two hometown best friends left. one I’ve known since I was 9 one since 12th grade. once you move you see people for who they really are. 2 of them didn’t make it, being disloyal gone make me distance myself so fast.

Africa… Nairobi to be exact. 🦒

if y’all could travel anywhere right now where would you go?

this is me and my best friend from back home. we had plans in HS to go off to college together, leave our city etc. we talk every week but she’s a single mom of 3 and has never had the time or money to come visit me once in 6 years. idk where to go from here tbh. 🫤

the hardest thing is realizing you and your best friend aren’t really friends anymore. the only thing we have in common now is how long we’ve known each other 🥺

black business owners are funny. I tried to buy a purse from this dude. when I went to his website a code for 20% off popped up. the code didn’t work so I messaged him. he gave me a new code but RAISED THE PRICE of the purse in the process. 😂 I’m coo now sir 🥴🏌🏾‍♀️

I humbly submit the following from Oct ‘20 to the slam 🎤🫰🏾🫰🏾🫰🏾 #blkempoetryslam

I hate hearing.. you cold? I thought you was from Michigan. mfs adapt every single day B!

before I left Michigan my gma told me. “go live your life, not many believe in you but I do. don’t come back unless you absolutely have to.” 💖 6 years later and I’ve only been back to visit 3 times so moving back is a huge no.

I see that #blkempoetryjam is poppin off lol. My goal this year is publications but I'll drop you lot my first published piece

I can’t eat banana pudding or peach cobbler cause it’s too slimy. I wanna like both tho cause I love peach and banana flavoring.

I’m actually terrified of mold “creepy” is downplaying tf outta how I feel about it 😂

I hate that I’m a texture person when it comes to food that’s so weird lol. no matter how delicious something is I can’t eat it if it’s jello or slimy.

idk what it is about mold but it’s soooo creepy to me. especially the hairy kind that grows on food. 🤮

I need to start working on a thoughtful birthday gift for Trevor. April right around the corner.

I gotta get back in the gym and stay there! I wanna fill my birthday dress out so beautifully this year. 😍

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you eat my coochie long enough
Them red flags will disappear boo


having poor communication skills at this big age is definitely a deal breaker for me. I like to address stuff, discuss it, find a solution and put it behind us.