I need to be working with someone, help doing business, designing, organizing. I need to make moneyyyy. This 9-5 ain’t it for me

I had fun this weekend!
Also new hair ❤️ it’s ginger season

Hey y’all I have been working on creating a website/active plantbased site and I FINALLY have it up!!! https://Jenniscookbook.com...

I’m not 28, but I like my men olderrr

y’all should be up in the states.

for the 28 and older folks, what’s the youngest you’d date? 👂🏾

I need a man that ain’t gon disappoint

I’m tired 🥱

hit the pool w a drank in my hand 🥳

curious what y’all got going tomorrow?

good morning y’all, just got home from eating everything my grandma made for breakfast. I’ll be ina food coma 🤍😂 gn

girl I’ve evening trying too, I’m ready for my own place in a couple months 🫶🏽

hey y’all. update? got a new job as manager and now I’m saving to move in. I’m making progress only need another $1000 thank y’all for continuously praying and helping 🫶🏾

really thinking about going back to school for art 💖 I miss college

can everyone just send me a dollar so I can stop being broke

May is mental health awareness month

remember to prioritize yourself

A man who has to tell me that he likes bbw’s - instant ick.
Because baby, you and I know that I’m biggie biggie, heavy heavy and that you can see my big thighs and back roll, so what’s the reminder for?
Don’t let me revoke your pass to the ride kmt

happy sunday ✨

I hope we all accomplished something today; if you haven’t, the day isn’t over

I think my calling might be to make a living traveling. I’m planning my 2nd Annual Peace Love Girls Trip & it literally is lighting up my entire day. I’m legit my happiest when I am traveling.

Craving a date, I might just have to take myself out tn

me 🤣

idek how long I been gawne, but I'm back nie 🤧