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THIS I was offered $$ by a well known YouTuber to pretend to do a loyalty and act like I’m getting cheated on 😂 all this stuff is fake

You’d be surprised how much content is staged or done on a movie set or one of those houses you can rent for content.

It won’t let me post the videos from the concert 😭

Literally the worst cuz it was my party, my friends were there and it was my people house. Im so embarrassed disgusted and irritated

In response Last King to her Publication

I’d sorry that happened and I can relate wholeheartedly to this, I’ve had shootings at parties and it absolutely sucks

I really missed tf outta yall! I been surviving 😊 my birthday next Friday and my party tomorrow so yall PULL UP ON MEH

You probably did 😂😂

why i was on gresham earlier at my gas station and thought i seen @scrappy 😂

No cap I gotta finish payin my deposit n fees on my new spot n ion get food stamps or child support so

I missed yalllllll let me catch y’all up on some pics

oh please 🥰🤩 my ovaries

Oh and I became a Nana again since I’ve been gone. He so handsome…but I’m biased😬

Hey y’all ‼️ my 10 year high school class reunion last night was crazy 😭😭😭 hers some pics and the tiktok if you want to see

hey y’all. update? got a new job as manager and now I’m saving to move in. I’m making progress only need another $1000 thank y’all for continuously praying and helping 🫶🏾

Boutta watch Django for the culture
Happy Juneteenth NIKKA
if anyone could help me get lunch or dinner today I’d greatly appreciate it! I used the donated money to get a uhaul and storage unit. now I just have to survive until I find a place to call home 🫶🏾 thank you for your support

Thursday I said goodbye to my childhood home, that chapter has closed. I cried. yesterday I laid my Unc to rest. Cried even more.
still looking for housing.
life has been overwhelming.
thank you for your continuous support and prayers

20 years in this house can’t believe it’s my last day ☹️

with your help we’ve made progress towards my goal! I found a program that will help pay half of my move in fees. I’ve toured a place that’s available so now I’m just trying to reach my full goal so that I’m able to pay my half of move in costs.

good morning cousins 🫶🏾 I’m almost halfway to my goal and I can’t thank y’all enough

seriously, I love y’all thank you I woke up in tears I’ve gotten more support in here than my family