Jenni Step


Personal trainer • Social butterfly in training 🥸 • Chef • Vegan/plant based • To Learn and Explore

Hey y’all I have been working on creating a website/active plantbased site and I FINALLY have it up!!!

I gotta start using this more often 😮‍💨 too many apps to keep up with ...

Guess who is now a certified Exercise Recovery Specialist!!!! 🥂 Cheers to me!!

If you could, what is one good items you could live off of for the rest of your life?

every single time, snoring and drooling

that Asian food put me to sleep .

sitting here slow sipping this wine writing this 6 part essay

sir listen heahh… long for no reason

today was a long day


My TL and the public TL is really full of some pretty ass women.
Y’all all fire fr.
I’m hyping all y’all up.

😩😩 i have been procrastinating on finishing my final since Friday!! UGH 😩
BUT I only have two more essays to write by tomorrow 🤞🏽🤞🏽

I have come to the conclusion that I can not dance! I was boppin in the shower like biggie shorty


In response tevapatterson to her Publication

I dread everything about judicial buildings & processes and I don’t even be in trouble lol

Better slightly late than never my dawg!!!
Finally on here!