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✊🏿✊🏽PRO BLACK✊🏾✊🏼| LAnd NATIVE 🌴| Prison Reform has my HEART| Fatherhood Of Felons inc. 🔓| BLACK LOVE 🫶🏾👩🏾‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏾

The Tupac arrest is BULLSHIT ! All these years later y’all can find the person, but you can’t find all these missing BLACK KIDS? Y’all can’t find anything to the Mexicans who fractured the lil black girls eyes & nose? Who also hit her with a GUNNNN?

Boundary awareness isn’t just for others it’s for self. Everytime you disregard your boundary you’re telling yourself “You don’t matter” & informing others that they to can disregard your feelings,needs, wants whenever they want .

Agreed! You said all that needs to be said.

I agree: If someone is invasive and doesn’t respect boundaries in regular situations, that would likely apply to sex as well

Sending up prayers for New York. The state has money for Robocops but can’t invest in public education and decent infrastructure. SMH.

I just read somewhere “consent isn’t just about sex it’s about life.” 😮‍💨

Black women WE ARE NOT SAFE AT THE WALMART ON 190th & NORMANDIE anymore. I was just followed by 3 black males . Trying to corn me in on isle . Until I pulled my thang out. Y’all PLEASE STAY VIGILANT & AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!

Alright done here for a few days . Sending you hope bitch !

Rejection isn’t always redirection. Sometimes rejection is sent to build your character.

I hate thieves even if it’s change in my cup holder. Bitch ask !

Parents that allow their children to bring home items that do not belong to them are pieces of SHIT! You are teaching your children that 1) Stealing is okay 2) They can take whatever they want even if it doesn’t belong to them with no consequences.

I bought 3 packs of hair, braiding gel, a comb & crochet needle for $34.00! Black Beauty Supply store are 200,000 times better than asains !

Ion take shit serious & that’s probably my problem. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m sorry, but if the police isn’t stepping for my child IM DOING THE STEPPING. I’ll gather my bail money, put my child in the custody of someone I trust, and IM STEPPING! Ain’t no way.

✨Good morning ✨


On my moma, on my hood , I look fly , I look good , touch my swag? You wish you could.

My babbbbyyyy, my Virgo, my therapist, my therapy sessions, my Hollywood drives, my ditch school & go to the sex shop, my smoke pounds of weed to get us through psych classes… Darling I AM PROUD OF 😭✨. Soon as I got the photos I just https://cried.I/

Ari keep reposting these men and I might leave off the bench & tell the coach put me in the game !

*If you worried about about my Apple bill your anti-black*

Gic0e is a SLEPT on Artist and I need y’all to wake up. Like NOW! If you love 90s R&B , Black Love, & music you can truly relate/vibe to HERES SOME SONGS TO ADD YOUR PLAYLIST

This Nigga got one more time to breath hard and it’s covid still going around. Ima shove his deep breath down his throat 😭

Again, I rather run from a tiger asshole naked with my cheeks clapping calling for more animals to hunt me down than take statistics!

Again, I rather run from a tiger asshole naked with my cheeks clapping calling for more animals to hunt me down than take statistics!

Gic0e >>>>> EVERY ALBUM OUT DOES THE LAST ONE ! Love is patience will FOREVER BE MY SHIT!

Welcome to the gang. 3 years & 1 month come the 29th of September.

I've been celibate for a year.

If we were being realistic & transparent:
What age age does your trauma have you stuck at ?

For me it’s my teenage years . Alexa play Abandoned, PTSD, and Bottom boy survivor by ROD WAVE 🔁♾️!