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☀️: ♊️ 🌙:♎️ rising sign: ♌️just a black man trying to do better in all aspects in life thanks to the most high| martial arts|weightlifting

Totally agree...we need to start working together and put that competitive spirit against each other to rest. Blkem brought a solution to the table but we're facing difficulties with our partners.

The universe, God, life really must be just hitting the Mario mystery boxes on my life because more bad news

Got laid off……so wife still hasn't found work through LinkedIn or Indeed and now I have too. So much for the end of the year. Fucking don't even know what to do anymore

You know you out of shape when you throw your back out from prepping a turkey to brine smh man I need to get back in shape

On today’s #FTSF is a two for one special. FTS, project management which is giving me a headache; (GAP analyst, PowerPoint design, playbooks, no idea what I am doing, etc) and watching your love ones struggle. Watching your wife and mom cry hurts.

If you really desire the truth in your life, you must spend time alone

Today's #questionsoftheday

1. What is “positive venting” mean to you?

2. Is there something in the way that closes door for you? If so, what is your plan.

3. If your life was a movie, what would the title be called?

In today's #FTSF segment: posting about your healing on social media.

Go smoke a brick and I say that the most loving way possible.

Social media and screen time from what I know isn't the best when trying to heal. Everyone can't go with you.

Damn watching someone you love go through a hard time because of this job market sucks

Men must reimagine concepts of strength, eros, work, and fatherhood. They should see emotional awareness and service as sources of meaning, not just provision and control.

Any thoughts?

Seriously wish one of yall were in NY; I need to get back in shape.

You owe it to yourself to believe in you
You owe it to yourself to cheer you on,
You owe it to yourself to be kind to you,
You owe it to yourself to treat yourself right
You owe it to yourself to love you.

Not going to lie:

I kinda want to microdose on psilocybin before trying to get a hero dose and ego death.

Any NY safe connects

3. Have you ever struggled with understanding yourself? What parts of your inner world seem mysterious?


1. What role do empathy and compassion play in the way you connect with others?

2. How do you define right and wrong? Do you think there are universal ethics or is morality subjective?

@VadaBee If the Ravens lose against the Titans today after being up 18-3 going into the half…..I swear

Got some personal messages regarding my #FTSF guess what… you're upset at the wrong one buddy lol

Good morning family

Today's #FTSF goes to people who drink Dasani, Aquafina, or Deer Park Water.

Convinced you guys are the third reason COVID became a pandemic.

You're immune system weaker than new baby needing an incubator.

Being trapped in your own mind is a war you feel that you can't explain to anybody.

Feel like being public enemy number 1 today. This Drake album is trash; if you look at his lyrics and say other wise I have a message for you: https://youtu.be/D3OQgauTp...

Dick Rider 😂 #nofear #blm #viral #bestmoments

Dick Rider 😂 #nofear #blm #viral #bestmoments