I had fun this weekend!
Also new hair ❤️ it’s ginger season

can everyone just send me a dollar so I can stop being broke

last night was not a movie fr but here’s some pics 🥴🫶🏽✨

n guess what I’m finna do still

no fuvkin way I have this many clothes but i never have nothing to wear 🫠

every time I talk on this subject it never goes good.

im sit back

I ain’t did shit

Wow, dont think what you do wont catch up to ya now, even if we are a day or two behind, things will always get addressed….

every time I get back on here YALL FIGHTING, what’s going on now?

In response Keshia Grace to her Publication

cant keep a man? if only yall knew who was in these dms ☺️ so cheer on miss queen cheer on 😉

took a bratz personality test, turns out I’m Sasha n I’m not mad at all 😙✨