Érica Carvalhal


Hello i’m very nice to everyone Made in ??

I never understood why ppl crave attention. Just be extra for no reason ?????

yes i do my make up before an online class. i can't look ugly ever or the camera will be OFF?

what happened. i did not understand why there are ppl against the vacine???

i literally cant sleep bc i know i got stuff to do but when i wake i'm too lazy to do it. And then the cycle continues till it's the deadline

In response Big B ?? to her Publication

Gurl I am a organized procrastinator ? Like I wake up and say: " I have to do this " but I take to long ? I think it was been worse because I didn't had a real rest from Uni...
I was so active before the pandemic

Currently in Asia. But we're "racist"??? Don't they know Black folks can't be racist. Idgaf what.

My BLACK OWNED plant-based, organic skincare company. handcrafted out of Atlanta, Check it out! https://Melanin60Skin.com ?

how this app out for like a day and we acting like this a family reunion this is why this app is the best ?

Blkem I Just want to let you know that this platform is ????????????????????????????

twitter WILL NOT see me again

twitter might not ever see me again. something about this is giving me ?peace?

Live on the Black Channel...

2-27-2021: Why The U.S. Helps Ilegals Remove Black People - YouTube

We discuss the American agenda..

i hope this lady braids my hair and not my toughts tomorrow, shit tight asf?

Black people are naturally funny!!!

Your video submissions have us ROTF laughing.

Thank you for that!

everyone here is so beautiful, our skin give us that diff glow???

In response Jubz ???? to her Publication

The app was a temporary version. We don't recommend using it. The actual mobile app will be coming very soon after beta testing for both iOS and Android.

i finna see some seasoned food videos here, i'm traumatized from normal tt and tik tok cause those mf can't cook SHIT

i say with my grandma the other week and talked about our family history. i found out she has 14 siblings, her parents were sharecroppers in NC, and her grandparents were sold away from her father (or vice versa). i also found out cancer runs in my family. Talk to your elders.


If this app don't work out as we hoped, those who came here should stay here forever ?we are family now


If this app don't work out as we hoped, those who came here should stay here forever ?we are family now

Anyone on here making music? Please share!!! Here's mine.

I wanted to show the very white music community in my town that I can do everything they can do with a guitar, and more. I'm self-taught and do my own recording, writing and performing.


why are ppl unfollowing me? ? i can be funny sometimes ?

i love this space, we can be BLACK AS HELL IN PEACE and aint gotta worry bout NO CULTURE VULTURES

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