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A Black man (#ados) seeking the betterment of the Black community, globally, but in America 1st. #BlackLiberation. ?

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Man why I leave my license at the San Diego airport and now I’m back in Detroit 😩😩😩😩😩 I am pissed beyond belief.

The amount of time I spend in Michigan is quite ridiculous lol. But it’s jus some bout dat Detroit food 🤤

1 thing about it is them mfs in Detroit airport gone piss me off

As a Midwesterner, I was thinking California’s homeless crisis was centered in Los Angeles. I was wrong. There were TONS of homeless folks, damn near laying on top of each other, in downtown San Diego.

So I guess it’s a statewide issue. Damn those Democrats.

Just got back from San Diego & man was it colder than I anticipated! I mean the sun was out each day but damn… it didn’t go past 75°. 🙄

It’s my twentieth birthday!! All praises to Allah for another yr. ☝🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾

Will Smith jus smacked the fuck outta Chris Rock on that stage 😂😂😂

Its going on a year that I found this site. So glad to have been.

Nobody can understand the black woman better than the Black man and vice versa!

Goodmorning & Happy New Year, family! Progression is the word of the year, for all of us, but mainly my Black American family.

The leadership in office now is SHIT. 2022 is primary elections.

Family, i want to make people aware of this dyer problem we are about to face.
A massive blocking that is happening within the Pacific & Eurasian tectonic plates. (Specifically the Phillipines"
Remember: No earthquakes = 1 big earthquake.

Check out this Canadian seismologist's facts on this subject below ??

Also check out the US Geological Survey and see how earthquakes along the Phillipines:


good mawnin' family!

be safe out here & MASK UP! this shit aint going nowhere, no time soon.

Just found out about this flag today.

Black American Heritage Flag - 1967


chile its so much going in the world, my ass cant even keep up ? dis gotta be the End ppl be talkin' about

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Pay careful attention to something the public is not being made aware off - an alarming global decline in earthquakes.
There are growing signs that there is a massive plate blocking.

Moral of story: Too much pressure is being held inside the tectonic plates which will lead to a global mag. 10 earthquake.

May sound like total bs, but the data clearly shows something's going on.

There's so much amosity towards Black Americans from the rest of the diaspora.

Haitian president assainated today!

Peace Family, lets save our independence celebration until we have this Earth to call our own. ?