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we like marlon and mike when he fight i fight i’m blacc as hell he bright i can ride his bike.....

Would anyone be interested in some abstract art for their home, office, or store? Please let me know and spread the word!

pray for me! pray divine provision protection grace and favor please ? i need it bad

colonized people are systematically brainwashed

to believe colonizers have legitimate authority

i’ve been a loyal nicki fan thru all the ups and downs i’m glad my sis chooses to be her true self everyday and ppl starting to like it again

all these blacc graduates ??? i come from a family of dropouts that changed the narrative to at least finish high school so i literally love graduation season

Standing in full support for our Young Sister.
Justice For Ma'Khai Bryant...100%

Black AlphaCast: Riding with Ma'Khai - YouTube

Standing in full support for our Young Sister.Justice For Ma'Khai Bryant...100%

Africa is the biggest continent on earth. You can put these countries inside of Africa and still have room left. Africa is the Heart and Soul of Earth

I love that I can go to God any time of the day or night to talk about anything that's on my mind! He is always right there! Good Morning Everyone?

ppl always wanna condemn me bc im pro blacc everything and i will never gaf! kiss my super blacc ass

Somebody gone say this Rosa Parks when they escorted her off the bus. ??? Mane Twitter funny as hell dis morning.

me and @diamonddoes literally had this convo earlier today TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE

this is really the year of stepping out of comfort zones, for me

Our First Blkem promo after we launched in May 2020. Even though we were new amongst the giants, we had an influx of over 2500 users that month and another, the month after. The numbers are bigger now but there's still more work to be done..to make Blkem a household name! There's still people to wake up!

We love how we are inspiring Black people to "Be the change". If they do not want to change, WE have to change!

We have to stop assisting them in repeating the cycle of oppression. We break that cycle, through group economics and ownership.

#bethechange #blkem #B1

Blkem - The Black Social Network for The Black Community - YouTube

Blkem is The Black Social Netw..

Pay attention people..in OAKLAND..a predominantly Black city!

ima about to go to this nigga house and play before you walk out of my life loud as shit

Good morning/Grand Rising everyone. If you're still sleep then you're too late. Decisions are already being made over your life while you were still asleep. ~Steve Harvey~