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Chile yall like your jobs? Somehow this degree doesn't qualify for anything other than Chili's; which I am thankful for cause #WHERETHEMONEYRESIDE2021 but like if any of yall know of any open positions at those jobs that you all like.....Let your Lil Brother aka Me know...

This picture makes me feel powerful. The sun glows off my brown skin...???

With these 25 followers I honestly feel like I'm talking to myself on here. I feel that wat on twitter but chile this is crucial. I need to recruit my people....???????

Not we already arguing over the medical field. Baby the only FLAW(a big one) with this vaccine is that there was no trial period to see what the side effects are, how it'll impact the body, & individuals with certain conditions over a period of time. Essentially you'll be taking something with very limited testing; scary is what it is, but its a choice to take. If you dont take it, fine, please stick to your regular quarantining. If you do its your choice to make. Whatever your stance may be Black People's mistrust & questioning is EXTREMELY understandable after years of attacks & neglect.

Chile idk about yall but that Full Moon had her 6in heels in my neck. Yesterday was chaotic!???????

If they leave you and come back that means nobody else wanted them, dont be the person to fall for somebody that didn't think you were good enough from the jump. #FoodForThought

Random Thought: But as I'm sitting here going through my grad school application I just wish that we could finally grow past this "if we don't tell kids they won't know" stage. Kids know! I was a child & I knew. You were a child & you knew. Your kids know! Educating kids on topics that we look at as "too advanced" or think "they'll try it" is better than letting their friends educate them and your child now receiving misinformation that could potentially harm them in someway.

So lets GROW UP! Yall decided to be parents and parenting includes tough conversations, even if you don't enjoy the

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See..that's what me tell people. We are trying to keep this space safe for us! Now you're checked in!

Are you the celebrity of your family or do you get to exist in the shadows?????

The verification process was a breezeadministrator


Chile lets see if dwights can "speak to a manager" their way into this Black Space...as we all know they cant!???

I got my brown checkmark....

I-.....I think......I THINK THAT.....I THINK THAT IM A NEGRO. IDK how you all will handle this information. Everyday since I found this out 40seconds ago has brought along a new challenge. Idk how to tell my friends & family members. Gworl this is s new to me.

Does anyone have any advice? #help #blkem ???

just thinking about this sounds fun

I already know that there will be some funny chaotic debates and stories here and I'm here for it

Okay...i really dont know wtf im doing but...follow me. ??????

chile let me find out we have a Black Twitter....yasssssssss segregation! Im Tae & i intend on bringing my chaotic joy to everybody purrrrr ????????